Packers Training Camp Practice Roundup


Tell me how are the Packers looking at a training camp if Saddam kind of the opposite of years past where it was Aaron Rodgers one of the offense the opposite sharp and all the things the defense of the defense being the defense and stick up a joint Akan the opposite dealer sure your Rogers in the office again and trying to find their way under Manuel floor the president fantastic modes is taking care of business against riders and company and then it it back because I thought I had a really good day today against the Sean Watson in the taxes in their joint practice defense minimum awful for years I think hi I'm really think it'd be good an inmate thinker and begun so tell me about those practices not only did they work out together the taxes backers there was also some fisticuffs yeah well I always always always some always phone loose came out there won the Texans recuse on money Johnson drilled packets Angie Sternberger there's no tax on all of these practices you can hit and all things are turning out a lot of tech or eat he really tackled and there is effect was not too pleased mobility only Packers guy who wasn't on happy was actually G. Sternberger says gestures football but you have everybody else to talk about it and I'm just ticked off metal floors ticked off the other negative kicked off and package Billy Turner predicts more festivities tomorrow show so to speak so that would be good when the taxes there was a rookie Lonnie Johnson apparently that was was he taking cheap shots at backers and they send them to the showers showers yeah the yeah I don't you're not allowed to tackle each he did more than tackled and then you don't making matters worse than that he stands on the guy Watson's muffled Ming and come on you do that a game and it's a really pick up the Packers within you if you do that a game you get penalized and find well this is just a practice and there's no repercussions against it I don't I coarsening of this ourselves yeah and back is not to please but this is a look this is the way always in these in these things you watch SportsCenter whatever and I mean there's there's always some sort of fight that these things out how they can you know did he gives stern Berger a concussion no server said that you only got the wind knocked out of them and that is how much the mall because I believe this the quote my head is pretty big I'm not sure what one has to do with the other but at forty so tell me about the new regime and how that's working so far also far so good I think they've done in the office really likes Mettler floor on what this this scheme works in minutes and tried and true which is why anybody who knows socks on the biggest hired but the I I I think it's success with the scheme at land with the ramp leading or even the Niners last year I I think they get some some immediate clout but again you know as I keep saying you know what reading is all hunky dory between what floor riders will look for the call of bad there dump it hasn't worked yet either so we'll we'll see what happens when there's real games and now the quarterback thinks the third on call staying in the Packers on the game to in our yard and scored ten points in a we'll we'll see what happens that point but yeah so far so good everyone's Evans happy in in full optimism all the football yeah bill you were with us back a report and and size the mainland I have to ask you about Mike Patton we've seen in here as a DC and New York with the jets do nothing how's he doing with the Packers one you know it you know keep the defense last year they finish twenty first in points which offices and go but in the they've had their secondary just destroyed by injuries last three years and then elections are starting outside linebackers who had like combined twenty million dollars of gap claim it is in the curry combined for five sacks I mean how do you play defense like that if you have no pass rush to know how the corners and what they'll do so a big part of pass rush this year by signing the Gerry Smith across and snapped the drop of a shine Gary Sally got some pass rush and three as I get the quarterbacks to stay healthy you know if they can stay healthy and infected quarterback I think the difference in the really good you know Patton had you had a dog there's just years but he had his first two years of the jets really good and then we all the pass rush goes when it is not very good anymore so I I think will be good but you know that problem when it finds it very upset that practice what they've never really been great players you know they're they're paying them like they're great players but never really been great players so we'll see on those guys panel so this season opens I believe with the Packers laying the bears right on a Thursday night one month from today right so did you see the story in the USA today this morning about the bears eighty five team being ranked it by them if you will I guess by am I wrong is that the NFL network that did it or was it all I saw was this list and it was they raided the the bears that eighty five team the greatest team ever and I was wondering if you do not easily because I wanted at Super Bowl against the patriots and I I literally would agree with that fully I mean I'm absolutely one hundred percent certain that that was to me the most feared defensive football team ever I don't care what anyone says like every team that they played out nodes and say against them in that season and I they destroyed the patriots as a rule that demands I would agree with that because I've never seen quarterbacks scared to death and they were all scared to death to that defense yeah I I agree I am I was born in seventy three but that's really the I mean I remember some of the the matter seems before that that's really the one team or the person I really remember yet to meet your even all the quarterback job make man wasn't great a man alive that was a great guy I'd I would find it hard to argue now I think longtime Packer fans look at the sixty two team that destroyed everybody is maybe being the best you ever bought the Superbowl are it it's it's hard to quibble again said be five or six I was other great he now the ninety six Packers team another one hit wonder team they were thing number one in scoring in points allowed to so that was another underrated team or if they went to super bowls I I think there are universally revered as the all the bass the bass being one time champion that I think I think hurts the Packers made the list in the top ten twice number three this sixty two Packers Lombardi and the ninety six backers that won the Superbowl against the Steelers yeah that was that was a great team you know again and then the Packers go back to the Superbowl the next year lose the Broncos on my wolf calls that even if part in the wind which is so true you look back you'll do that he missed forgot how other than young Green Bay people that that seems forgotten history and it was a great team I guess it was number one in scoring in points allowed and Barbara and Reggie white although a dominant football team but because it and went back to back it never got back it just kind of been and forgotten so you open at Soldier Field on that Thursday September fed how do you think the Packers and Mister Rogers will do against a basket of bears at Soldier Field well we got a month to go here yet on the Packers offense has not been particularly good thus far but look it's so far away I have no idea Mr bisque any good I mean I think he was good last year I I got that football team was really good and I doubt they're kicker cost in the playoff game yeah I know I just I just thought he was the quarterback but again he's a young guy to he's got he's got some growth but yeah I would I would think that there's a V. eight the pretty heavy favorite come week one but that's again that's just so far for now actually is not and I got to tell you I think that that bears defense with mac is better than your defense yeah not a group that also argue that the bad stuff that's what you call team at their quarterback is any good that big they can go a long ways so what do you think the Packers are gonna do this season well the playoffs I mean the point really is which at night I think Roger will bounce back in a big Rogers is a lot to prove after last couple years and out of the running back is gonna be really the running game to be really good never a teacher that more side I think the package will be a playoff teen idol I don't think they're better than you know the eagles of the rounds of all things but yeah this is the team that's gonna bounce back I think do you think that bill here with us did you did he ever admit that like did he say that he played the entire season on one leg Rogers you don't play it yeah yeah yeah I. for I'm not I'm not a doctor but basically a broken bone in a threat which is why you know which is why couldn't run for the first four five weeks in white in practice and and while the whole often for the poppy on to get the guy couldn't practice and they had a much richer receivers and you know the whole avalanche things went wrong do you think it was a mistake to let him play the whole season on one leg that play out if you want to play why that's how it is that the romance sport do you think he's the best in the league or because we've been arguing about Brady earlier than you came on anything so the the man still do you think he is ma'am what the homes in last year yeah you see that my mom's at a Brady Brady and Rodgers now yeah again that will let him do it again and you know it you know he's not gonna have now the running back is gone and you know who knows what Tyree kill if you gonna stick around all those things but what it what mom's election was all time greats do you think of that Brady can do it again one more absolutely it in Philly chance what about against the guy so you think he'll win another Super Bowl why not yeah I guess what it in the way the way the way that the league is now work you can't get the quarterback you can hit

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