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As carlito begun day one said here it is kevin feige talking nearly an hour about the stirring culmination the infinity saga offenders game enjoying <hes>. This is going to be a spoiler conversation. We're going to be getting into the right from the off but have have you avoided spoilers. Do you know you know that tony dies okay. That's good all right brilliant all right james. Have you pressed records. You have press record. How's this sound james okay. There's nothing by that. This is just how i sound all right. I think that's all the bits of housekeeping <hes> at the end there will be ruby microphones with people. You know tons attached to the microphone so <hes> do you ask you questions writes that me see when kevin feige gets here. I know we are small in number one hundreds but i want you to make the noise of gitari legion one. When he walks in room go they would ever weird noise. They make that'd be that'd be cool all right okay so let's. Let's pretend i've introduced. Ah hello everybody well kevin. You tremble all over my intro who i i heard you begging for applause but that's what i heard. It wasn't begging asking nicely by everybody on the app all right so it was go to an introduction. We're live in london <unk> cast. He'll be foreseen endgame. We've established some of you. Actually have in birds has not seen it. Wow how are you here. I don't understand palau's even happened are see what else wise podcast specialist dedicated to ventures in game is a special special special right now going through and now he's now i read it. It doesn't seem i get to pick the brains of the architect of your famous films as you the masterminded the probably part of this one kevin the instigator of the infinity saga that okay right so please instigators instigator the president of marvel studios producer uh of the biggest movie of all time. Thank you thank you

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