Tina Fey, Ted Danson Comedy Series Ordered at NBC


NBC just gave a series order to a currently untitled series created by Tina fey and Robert Carlock starring Ted Danson as a wealthy businessman who is unexpectedly elected mayor of Los Angeles there's currently no time frame or episode count for the series but NBC is apparently so confident in it that it gets to go straight to series for NBC the series is about a wealthy businessman runs for mayor of Los Angeles for all the wrong reasons once he wins he has to figure out what he stands for gain the respect of his staff I connect with his teenage daughter all while controlling the coyote population this is incredible it's gonna be so great I mean those are the things are on the mind of an LA mayor everywhere this is gonna be great the show has been worked for over a year and was written specifically for Ted Danson what what a career for Ted Danson they have already announced that this will be the final season of the good place and so he already has his next thing it's right there at home for him on NBC he's a nice guy too I think he's a nice person and people like working with yes oh goodness who who did I hear a podcast with darn it I can't remember if it was off camera with Sam Jones perhaps a long form podcast interview with him and he is he's just you just want to talk to yeah I

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