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Fucking realist more fucker. I know i respect a lot like love. You like a french and and and i appreciate that and at that point i'm just like man. I got to get better at this well. I'll piggyback off that really bad it event type stuff like that two birthdays wedding wedding anniversaries <hes> i mean in my own personal relationship meaning rachel kids yeah. I have to put like take really thought on saying okay. It's our anniversary. I know rachel once like something that's unique for me. You have to like critically think about how it will because i want her to feel that i love her right or like the my mom's birthday day he i remember you saying that one time like my mom's birthday yesterday like it's not. I really think that i just need. I'm bad at that stuff. I need to put better value on our somebody gets married. My friends get married. I have to send him. Anything and i don't know why i fucking. It's terrible. I always make like immediate family. I always call them on their birthday. Always do whatever but like. I'm not the guy that three days before that had flowers planned. I just know that everybody's like that but that that those people mean a lot to me right now why i suck part but i do right right so it's like like your your nephew's graduating elmich yeah right. You're stuck in quick. Look the same way we talk about people who say they want something in business. That's like what we are with this stuff. Yes so we're kinda. Hypocrite idiots go yeah uh-huh yes but but but on the other side of our lives were biggest they could just fucking. We're mentally handicapped app. Yes right back to us yeah. Flipside exactly you guys get fucking blood the other thing the other thing i'm bad at is the the delivery on a personal side not like a businessman so similar like when i deliver a topic or an answer. My wife tells me all the time like i'll answer her like i'm upset with jacob and i'm trying to teach them something like it's direct like i don't i don't. I don't have like a different delivery. System rachel's always like corey. That's like almost especially on the personal side not just to her but even to my mom or my kids sometimes. I'm just like so fucking direct right. I just don't see a lot of value in beating around the bush shaw but some people though that are business people john. They're not used to operating that way so

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