Trump welcomes Apollo 11 astronauts


President trump today welcomed Apollo eleven crew members buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins to the White House of course tomorrow the fiftieth anniversary of the first moon landing relatives of the late Neil Armstrong or at the White House as well the president asked doctor older and his thoughts on the statement that of NASA the number one rocket straight now in the US we have a number one spacecraft not yet corporate with significant capability that's a great disappointment to me yeah because he is not happy but Apollo eleven did lift off fifty years ago this week in the anniversary of the landing is tomorrow Caro these Allen sky I talked with the flight director of Apollo eleven Gerald Griffin says the crew and everybody at mission control was well prepared we had been out to the men twice already once on Apollo eight and just ordered the free Apollo ten we did everything by plan Alexander was a dress rehearsal and he says that preparation help everyone stay calm and they aren't strong the fed to fly along and kill like a helicopter does finally found a suite of place but when we landed we only had about seventeen seconds of fuel left he says NASA got a clear message from both Democrats and Republicans in Washington he wants both parties to do that again what we need to do is go back to the main establish some sort of habitat of some kind and explore what we've got to do ultimately to go on to Mars refrains from for fourth and graduated from Arlington Heights

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