In India, Some Students With Low Test Scores Can Buy Their Way Into College


Support for this podcast and the following message come from Google from Connecticut California from Mississippi to Minnesota. Millions of businesses are using Google tools to grow online learn. How Google is supporting businesses in your state at Google dot com mm slash economic impact? Maybe you remember the Varsity Blues Scandal a few months ago. This is a bunch of parents paid money to get their kids into top U._S.. Universities something similar is happening in India too but the outcome is different. They're N._p._R.'s Lauren. Prayer has been visiting a college campus tonight and she's got this story. It's a gorgeous campus like the palm trees and I feel like it looks like Beverly Hills. Do Fifty again buzzer on teaneck bond. Sally is in eighteen year old freshman minute S._R._M.. One of India's elite engineering colleges this was his dream school but he didn't do well on the entrance exam. I didn't prepare that well. Why didn't you prepare? I like sports. I didn't like absurdities. He wanted to study computer science here but he got rejected so his parents found another way the paid his way in there was my father's friend who was in contact with the and we had to pay a bit more amount. And not just a bit they actually paid more than double tuition. His parents had to take out a bank loan. I was happy and saddened booth voice that I was able to get in but happy that my parents they love me. Do you feel a bit of pressure on your shoulders. Just like I will do good better than before. The reason ten knock is willing to tell me all this is that what his family did is perfectly legal in India. It's called management quota. A certain number of spots in the freshman class. Usually about fifteen percent percent are reserved for the college management to allocate at its discretion hence the management quota in theory it could mean awarding seats to underprivileged students but in practice it means selling them and this happens at most private engineering. Engineering and medical schools across India and they want to provide quality so they want a little extra money from somewhere S. S. Mantha used to oversee all of India's technical colleges. He says that unlike the Varsity Blues Scandal Dole where some of the illicit payments went to sports coaches in India the money go straight to the school so they can start more courses. They can build a better laboratories. They can probably bring foreign faculty but there is his room for corruption prices vary and there's a growing army of middlemen seeking fuel office the state of the art facilities and all new garage Mishmash Shuffles through glossy. Brochures he's an education consultant who helps families by spots at these schools what we are doing. We had a bridge we are acting bridge between collies and the barren fossil work Ulsan visa hefty man adorned with ooh jewelry across his desk is param Hans Kumar a desperate father trying to get his youngest son into a top engineering school all parents they needed. They want their child to get admission in campuses and all all but the child is not in that caliber then there's a fallback option. Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. The Booty Patel Studies the economics of education is going to affect the overall. Bill and contributed demoralizing people who are disciplined genuine hardworking Patel says this is part of a wider trend India's economy has been booming more youth can afford college. New Schools are opening every every day and existing ones are getting more selective but is schools. Try to profit from this boom. Something is getting lost. Patel says no vision that is no commitment to repairing the citizens of tomorrow. They'll see it as a commerce. I back on the sprawling campus kinnock. The freshman says he's confident that students like him with average test scores but affluent parents will always find their way regarding India. It's obvious we will get in mission in many movement.

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