Colombia's Uneasy Peace


The columbia peace deal of two thousand sixteen looked at the time like an unalloyed good news story. It ended more than half a century of civil war for which had left than two hundred sixty thousand people dead and millions more wounded displaced or terrorized. It won a nobel peace. Prize is four columbia's president of the time on manuel santos. Columbia's piece was not perfect indeed the first deal between colombia's government and the colombian rebel group faulk was rejected by colombia's people at a referendum but no peace every is perfect peace requires compromise forgiveness us and patients commodities often in short supply in places recently at war this week. We were reminded of how fragile colombia's peace is. Two former farc commanders announced that they were taking up again was vastly more difficult to stop than start. Every lesson zain about peacemaking has been learned the hard way but in columbia and elsewhere. What do we know about what works and what doesn't if peace is is obviously preferable to war. Why do peace processes so often fail or falter. This is the foreign desk very very few few people people voted voted attended attended for for as as far far as as a a political political party party they'd they'd been been waging waging war war against against the the colombian colombian state state for for fifty fifty years years and and many many colombian cedefop walk as simply narcotraffickers and they couldn't terrorists so they don't have popular support among those colombians rent. A conflict is in in the public attention. That'd be more support when it isn't. There'll be a few international agencies. I'll be a lot of locals still pursuing the goal of peace against strong forces that are reluctant to give up weapons because they're reluctant to give up their power and they're fearful of what it means to give up their how they wear a lot of immediate causative effects less violence more investment stock market than escrow went through the roof and lots more palestinians could cross the border and work in israel but the the enemies of peace force became much stronger than the end. They won the astro. A court was too vulnerable given the counterforces <music>. You're listening to the foreign desk with me andrew muller well. Let's start in columbia and i'm joined from there by monaco's qatar correspondent anastazia maloney anastazia these two former faulk commanders who now proposed to become once again farc commanders hastened sandwich entre yvonne marquez how significant ave as as figures within the movement. They're really significant figures particularly by marcus who go that's his wartime alias. He really was the key negotiator in cuba for several years where he negotiated worth the colombian government government the terms of the peace deal and he appeared on t._v. For years in civilian clothes saint colombians. We've reached us peace a cold world. We are betting on peace so for many people he was the face off peace accords so the fact that he goes on video last week and says i'm. I'm calling on followers to take arms again. It's real bitter blow. <hes> for the peace process will come back to the question of his followers presently presently but first of all his motivations when he says he's returning to war against whom and why so he said that he was disheartened with the peace deal he believes that the government has betrayed the peace deal that is being far too slow to implement the terms the peace accord and he points to the fact that there is no security ford mobilized fighters which the government had promised so he says that demobilize fighters who gave up their weapons were willing to support the peace deal he says about one hundred and fifty people have been killed so far and he said that the government promised to guarantee them securities. That's one of the games that he feels hasn't been addressed by the government. He's also also saying that. He doesn't believe that the government is really committed to this peace accord and those are the main reasons why is decided to go back to to the struggle way scoring a second phase or the armed struggle when he talks about it being a second phase he has also made some reference to this sort of of clandestine political movement that he and his his sandwich claim to be launching as he spelled out what he's ultimate aim actually is does he basically basically just want to resurrect the farc of the half century long civil war recently ended or is he thinking of this as some entirely new apparatus autos and it's really not sure and he wasn't clear in in the statements that he made on the video about his real intentions and how it's going to pan out but what what is clear is that he does have followers there are people who never gave up their weapons and join the peace process and there's about two thousand dissidents as they're known <hes> so when he talks about his followers he's really talking to those dissidents to join in him and as far as who he's fighting. He said that he will be on the offensive and that means that any attacks carried out by state station security forces state military he will respond. It's perhaps not that surprising given how recently columbia's war theoretically ended that somebody with the cachet of his contract and yvonne marquez might be able to find two thousand armed malcontents contents willing to follow them once again but beyond that do they have any actual popular support among the colombian people if they do resurrect a campaign donovan violence anything like what farc wants wrought across the country. Will they have any sympathy at all. Hardly have any sympathy a tool ooh and in fact in the last elections when the far became a political party as a result of the peace accord they did really really badly very few the people voted for the as a political party and their ideology so they'd been waging war against the state for fifty fifty years and many colombians see the farc as simply narcotraffickers and they call terrorists nocco terrorists so they do not have half of popular support among most colombians and support you remember in fact public referendum that asks whether or not the favor of the pizza called it was not passed by half of the voters so the peace accord started off being a very unpopular simply because many colombians don't trust in the fall from their intentions and the fact that even marcus comes video dressed in only the teak surrounded by many guns just basically feeds into the fee he is a skepticism about seventy communes had this peace process of the very beginning so he's that perhaps it right there that the real reason why this faction of faulk faulk at least is contemplating a return to violence is acknowledged -ment on their part really. That's all they've got. I think what they're saying to the dissidents and what they think are their supporters is that we are with you and we are. We are still going to fight for what we believe in and they thought they could do that without arms are now. They going to have to go back to ours because as far as they're concerned they're faithful to the the peace accord so they want to see what they have signed. I should be put into practice and they're saying that we are trying to not going to sit idly and just watch the government do nothing and that's why they are taking up their own again

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