Boris Johnson prepares to enter Downing Street as Prime Minister


Boris Johnson has been named the next prime minister of Britain the election which pitted him against the conservative party's foreign minister Jeremy hunt was the first time a parties membership directly chose the prime minister the membership of the Conservative Party represents just point one three percent of the British population it's wider older and obviously more conservative Johnson thanked outgoing prime minister Theresa may add a Conservative Party meeting in London today where his when was announced privilege to serve in the cabinet and to see the passion and determination that she brought to the many courses that are high legacy from equal pay for men and women to tackling the problems of mental health and racial discrimination in the criminal justice system thank you Teresa Boris Johnson vowed to bring a quote new spirit of can do to his party and promised to defeat labor leader and Jeremy Corbyn Corbin tweeted Boris Johnson has won the support and fewer than a hundred thousand on representative Conservative Party members by promising tax cuts for the richest presenting himself as the bankers friend and pushing for a damaging no deal brexit carbon tweeted president trump meanwhile congratulated Johnson and said he'll be great as prime minister this comes as the U. K. is facing mounting tensions with Iran foreign minister hunt recently announced plans to deploy a European led naval force in the strait of Hormuz following around seizure of a British oil tanker and what Britain is called an active state piracy Iranian state TV aired footage of the crew captured on board the steno imperil Monday that capture was done in retaliation for Britain capturing and Iranian oil tanker and holding it in

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