A Dramatic Change in Ukraine's Wine Industry


Ukraine is historically known for sweet wines produced in the warm climate of the Crimean Peninsula surrounded by the Black Sea in two thousand. There's an fourteen when Russia launched an invasion and annexed Crimea the region accounted for almost half of Ukrainian wine production the shook that followed load so the seeds for a creative revival young local winemakers as well as more experienced winemakers from the white a Black Sea region stepped in as they saw an opportunity in the market. One of them is be so at a nurse who had cut his teeth into demanding world of Italian wine making my my name is whistle. I'm the winemaker consultant of Bacon winery. Ukrainian new Weiner's two thousand and ten and it's vignettes hits were plotted in two thousand twelve in Mikolai region of ingrains on the black seat. What kind of wines do you make. We started would love experiments because the climate there is quite grew so not every rates variety could grow there and so we one year we followed the climates rainfall. Cetera et cetera before we made our choice so we have sixty percents of white varieties and votive reds we have seventeen rides Stoughton stoughton planting the biggest one from the White South Charlotte at Stadium Suggestion Verizon Alberino which Spanish variety but we have a lot of their mental right just like Tim Orazio for example so and then blowing says thrown the rates of the main things from rally. It's also Josiah variety and we've learned new from Spain some Merlot and we have also complicated from South Africa. I speak which is one of the most talked talked about new wineries in Ukraine. The Dry European wines that he produces are somewhat of a novelty in country used to drinking sweeter unfortified fight types of George Goudie runs Ukraine's largest winery schauble things that the future of wine making the country hinges on burrowing lessons from Europe's great vineyards but making the best of their own heritage to my name is Georgia Teresa. I'm a CO owner of shoveled winery. Shove wineries located needed in southern Ukraine near the city of Odessa. What makes Ukraine an interesting wind destination interesting wine culture at the moment well first of all. It's unique doc as any winemaker will say but any winemaker knows that the wind is born in the yard so our mean Let's say advantage is our that walk our unique soil which is sandy limestone with clay well located on the submits as Burgundian Bodo for the six point six. I will be located on the island between the Black Sea Lima so with creates a very unique climatic effects unique varieties and absolutely approach approach because we take care of every single grape only that we bring control the full process and truly make something special the profile of Ukraine wines. I'm not going to hide it. In the beginning we made a mistake we tried to to French were physically all the beautiful elements of the upon Sean for Dryer. European wines has been boosted by good wine Ukraine's leading importer of international points. The CEO Dmitry Crimsky explains explains historically people in Ukraine drink a lot of sweet or semi sweet wines which of course are not very healthy in my point of view you and it's difficult to drink them with food which in my opinion and should be drink. The tendency which we see today is that year after year the the consumption of these sweet semi sweet wines dramatically goes down and the consumption off the dry wines are going up and I believe this trend will continue senior and also in ten years. I believe we will have much more goods producers local producers in Ukraine and it would be not exceptional exceptional case when you can find more or less normal wind from Ukrainian producer but it would be much bigger choice of these winds. The resurgence is of Ukrainian winemaking means that good wine has also started to stock local producers are trying to became better and learn more and they using using the international technology they invite consultants from Europeans and other countries and we see good wine will have quite quite a big section of Ukrainian binds taste them all the time and then all the best to what we believe we put on the shelves makings an art that develops over the centuries trees Goodwin's head some reminder may believes that there is still much work to be done before Ukraine winemakers catch up with their counterparts in the West. Today we have not so many experienced people who knows how to work well in vineyards and so we don't know steal our own own terriers because you need any to invest some money into to chip what works well and what what works well and the final problem is legislation cassation. We can change we can that make time goes faster about we can change some legislation system right now. It's really complex for small pro to assert to make something and to sell well things are looking up for Ukrainian wine wool goes on and Russian bullishness shows no signs of abating bore has taken a toll on Ukraine and the country's economy is in dire need of international investment. I see Ukrainian wine market attracts evermore attention shen from lodge Western winemakers and local winemakers such as B so at the now learn to work the local terroir to its full potential. Perhaps wine could be Ukraine's trains salvation from one o'clock in Kiev reports of

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