Taking Stock of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals

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Amita South Zia Alley Shabana Executive Secretary of the U._N.. Regional Commission for Africa and the Pacific or s cap has warned that the vast region of more than four billion people which she's responsible is set to miss all all of these seventeen sustainable development goals which underpin the twenty thirty agenda Miss Ellie Shabana was speaking to Connor Lennon from new avenues in New York where she's been taking part in the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development or the A._H._l.. P._F.. The main new end platform for monitoring the progress that countries are making towards the twenty thirty agenda The U._N.'s blueprint for ending poverty and preserving the planet the undersecretary-general began by outlining the message that she wants to get across during her time Oh you in headquarters I is of course <hes> for our region Asia Pacific about sixty percent of population fifty percent of the economy sources of Economic Growth Center of Innovation <hes> Technology Co.. Progress on the fourth and yet challenges in development and S._T._D.'s are still immense second message is the need and the value of regional cooperation to accelerate the progress on S._T._D.'s because without that if countries only work on their own. I don't think we can make now the latest S._D._G.. Progress Report for your region shows. That's the region is actually going. Nine backwards when it comes to some of the goals accent king water sanitation decent work economic growth and responsible consumption and production now. Why do you think the situation is so bad for those particular goals what because because scarcity because the pressure of urbanization cities and then also the management of resources environment that makes it or the situation worse as sustainable annable development also make the water situation worse? That's one second sustainable production assumption that also has to do with the behavior consumption behavior lifestyle with this increase Chris Welfare than to also can shoot more but what you could chew him is something that is actually not sustainable. Are you calling for funding in order to meet the S._T._D.'s we see it as investment like education location healthier basic infrastructure is investment. It costs yet from the budget but the benefits the multiplier ethic is significantly. If you don't have the money then you need also to provide solutions for some countries. Maybe the measure should start from the quite basic one like fiscal reform tax reform but that's needed advice you will be dependent eight has to be e channel to build the capacity whether you give the fish or whether you provide the means on how to get the fish. The report complains about lack of data like of effective data ray wised important. Important have more effective. If you don't have to did corrected that you cannot track progress you cannot also avoid actions to be taken going forward. We need also to build capacity the data capacity in this case that the office of the countries as well as the S._D._S. monitoring so has to go in the Asia Pacific Nick Disaster Report for two thousand nine is out. This is a year report it reveals that in the last two years disasters went beyond what the region had previously experience of probability intensity and shows that the increasing intensity and frequency of natural disasters in the region are closely interlinked with climate change environmental degradation in our region in particular there are these so-called for hotspots one <hes> related to this river basin area not only flooded but brown drought and then second is this ring fire because I come from country Indonesia where sits exactly in the middle of ring of fire occurrence of earthquake and then there is of sooner me and this kind of thing third is a drought the intensity of drought is also becoming more prevalent and drought is we equalit- slow onset disaster because overtime over long period of time this become such that worsening the tuition desertification. Vacation and things like that the fourth one is son and store because this somewhat also related for example but Australia part of Central Asia and number one is <hes> in the part of as a big islands wear the cyclone once it hits the impact is huge and of course Climate Change Sea Level Rise Twenty thirty is not far off right with talking about the twenty thirty agenda under we've already said that if nothing changes than the Asia Pacific region will fail to meet any of the seventeen goals now. Are you confident that the situation can be turned around that at least some of these goals can be met well we we have we have to start by being optimistic that we can turn things around thorough original plan from through Regional Corporation. One example is <hes> also through expertise our the work that we are doing using abilities so mapping out having early warning system a we've we work with countries on this policy policy suggestion or implication. What can we do to help the government so we hope that we can at least mitigate the

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