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Is looking at it more right now then the Titans because let's be honest now you have the jags showing you that they just to the their defense was not good at all and they may have a starting quarterback issue at this point moving forward you've got the colts without without Interlaken that leaves some open door of hope if you've got a Titans team the people just aren't high on because they don't know markets Mario does any good well all the Titans did was go in and we'll talk I don't just mean beat like they embarrassed the Cleveland Browns the all hyped almighty Cleveland Browns came out in one game and drop such an egg such an egg that Cleveland fans suddenly were off Twitter I don't know I happen quickly fans were were allowed in the mentions all offseason but my god they weren't yesterday why because it was a stunning result they didn't just get beat by the Titans they got beat forty three to thirteen. the Titans the over by themselves. I mean. waiting to Caesar sports what your was forty two the Titans it forty three by themselves and they did it the way the Titans win football games yes Mario to did have a a decent game leads to testing we've got our unit was good fourteen twenty four to forty eight three touchdowns three touchdowns being the impressive part. but this really comes back to the way the Titans have one football games there cannery an incredible defense. my fables got that defense click. Mike rebel had that defense and Baker Mayfield face all game long. and he was he was affected. there were a couple of pics strapped could've been even worse. I'm part of that is on Baker Mayfield part of that is on the Browns looking absolutely awful far that's also on the Titans defense taking advantage of those opportunities they heard the rumbles the lady walkers back by the way delay Anne Walker is a superstar the lot of people don't pay attention to any missed last season with an injury was a big effect to the Titans office when he was back and

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