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Today on my show we have a very special guest a friend of the pod return a return guest Mary H K Choi Welcome Mary Hi. I'm so excited. I was so glad to have you back on the occasion of the publication of your second book the Wii Novel Permanent Record <hes> in last year your book emergency contact which we both loved was a New York Times bestseller no big deal. I mean it very exciting. It's just like one of those findings find existential things <unk> book to what now really but how cool and yeah so. We're so excited that you were able to by the time to do this with us and we are yeah. Let's just like let's get right into it. Let's get into it to kick things off a we are with someone who supports. Dorey in Har Dislike of sheep masks indeed okay here we go stories from California and I'm guessing here most recent episode and I wanted to call in and say story. Thank you so much for getting getting that. You don't make safe masking. I also don't like he's asking and I thought that was the only person I first of all hate that she <music>. You're stupid. I think they're a waste of time and money and I've maybe like one non. She'd ask that is kind of useful that <hes> that creon like watermelon one kind of likes that one but really. I just don't care yeah. I I like doing things I have a wonderful you know nighttime routine and a pretty good daytime routine but I just don't care about sheet nuts uh-huh and I'm so glad that someone else feels that right wonderful to have that bounded on your yourself so much I almost rush whereas condensate of very thinking wow how mary what's your feeling about sheet. Masks just gonNA weigh in because I kind of feel like a bad. Korean like hoppy it. You'll the fatigue are either sheet mask because I have Sony. They're so convenient as gifts and like any time I go to Asia by Slough. Admittedly they kind of go round 'cause they. Just don't use them and that's not something I've ever been -rageous enough to admit so. Thank you dory for getting getting car. Thank you. That's why I'm here so I was put here on this earth leading a movement to help people live their truth. I mean I still like a sheep masks. Can that's fine. I just never think ooh I wanna do thing and then that thing ever like as she masks exactly actly Mary exactly you. Never WanNa put wet tissue on your face for twenty minutes like I know the point. Is it like you should be doing doing that and doing something else but it's like usually when I'm doing some ales which is like more often than not watching TV. I'm just like yeah. I just don't want to be like down. Totally they yeah so. That's all of us just archer. I feel I do feel like I'm going to be like last Korean for admitting to that. It is so we're going to transition with this next email from the face to the breasts <hes> because I did share that scheduled my mammogram and a listener. Weeden they adjusted their first mammogram and they offered some tips summoning among give him a read number one. They are very serious about you. Wearing no deodorant odorant lotions powders etcetera bring a little pouch so you can put on all your favorite beauty items in the dressing room afterward number two. This is the biggest one ask for a curved wbt plate. It's sort of cradles breasts rather than smash them super flat. I don't know if this works as well for smaller breasts but it was much less painful than I thought it would be three. Let the tech nurse or doctor. No if you're nervous they walk first timers through all the time. The woman who did my mammogram was so kind she even tossed my little Medical Medical Cape Over. My shoulders told me I was superwoman for taking care of my health. That's so cute. That is really cute. I'd never heard of a curved play me neither. Have you had a mammogram. May I ask you may ask and I have not and I am just really the people are like how old are you and you literally forget <unk> CIGNA UNLIKE WHOA. You're right like I am fully in my late thirties a need to be getting a mammogram program and so I think I'm GonNa get one but I'm also just really fearful but this is like demystifying the whole ask for curved plate. Thing is great yeah. I never knew this and I think it can be nice in these kind of situations especially medical ones to just I always when I got my blood drawn. I always tell them I get nervous. They get kind of squeamish and they're very kind so I do think being up front with your fears. Yeah you will be met with kindness and respect totally so great tips yeah actually on that like I you know we talked a little bit about binge eating last time I was on and since I'm in recovery for binge eating like Omega eating disorder dismore fiesta and so lately whenever I go to doctor I asked to be weighed <hes> with Mike back facing the numbers. Tell me how much way and they're really cooperative and they're really understanding about most of the time and then that way you just don't have to make you don't have to know the number of it's. GonNa make you crazy for us today. I just want to tell you I love this and I support this. I also so do it. I had a conversation with my doctor and they put it into my chart so it's supposed to alert anytime I go in. It's supposed to say like I don't want to be weighed eight unless it's somehow relevant to William there. <hes> and it's really helpful and I I've. I encourage listeners totally to explore that if that's something when you're thinking about asked us your voice yeah yeah because it's your your health <hes> and I think so. Have you found just the act. Have you gone in and turned around and have them. NFL that that's been a better way for you to approach going to the Doctor The U. N. O. Totally and it just doesn't derail my day like if I have to go and get weighed like x four PM. I'm not sitting there being like but I had lunch and breakfast in I'm I'm wearing clothes in a more difficult it just silences a lot of that math that used to make me so so <hes> just anxious and nervous and like resentful and angry about going to the doctor 'cause it's and sometimes I will like you know <unk> that resentment with just like being too busy or like really really D- prioritizing my health because of all those emotions that are like Ansari to me getting a frigging checkup. Oh Yeah I was I had to go to the doctor recently to get a prescription refilled and they didn't name me. They took my blood pressure but they didn't weigh me and I was Mike. Thank you yeah. There was no reason to weigh me but I just feel like that's now become so standard. Yes you go in for a cold and they're like we're going away. Yeah like why why exactly. Dorey yes shall we read a long email yeah. We're going to switch gears again. Just the gears are switching gears ears are just turning everywhere so we had chatted about hobbies and whether or not we even have them and someone wrote in hobbies versus side. Hustles yes yes and this person wrote him because <hes> they said that are comment about hobbies for the sake of hobbies resonated with me last year on a whim and a need to get out of the house. I sign sign up for a sewing class at our local parks and REC. I wanted to try my hand became address for my daughter didn't know what to expect but I was so pleasantly surprised by the others in the class women my age looking for an opportunity to get out of the house once a week and learn a new skill and she said it was also around this time. I'm that a lot of my clothes weren't fitting me that well anymore. I would get so depressed going to stores and try enclosed that just didn't look right or seem to be made cheat materials that clung in the wrong spots so I I decided to try making a t shirt out of some beautiful organic bamboo Jersey from a local indie fabric shop. There was a lot of trial and error a lot of swearing and although I could see so many mistakes I managed to make something resembling a t shirt and after that I became hooked sewing is not cost effective. It's definitely cheaper to go to old navy and get the same kinds of closed but sewing is a fun challenge for myself. I love being able to pick up beautiful fabrics. I'm proud when I'm wearing the clothes I've made. I love being part of an amazing instagram community immunity that spans the globe and support each other. There is no side hustle. It's simply a hobby that helps me be more mindful of my wardrobe proud of what I'm creating and allow me to focus focus on something other than all the anxiety going on in my brain. There's no pressure to do anything. Finish anything or be the best at anything. I think just doing something creative for the sake of doing it is such a joy and I hope more people discover this love the I knew you would. I love it so much Mary. Do you have a hobby. You know what I also love this email. Actually Emily <unk> busy on mentor Joel sort of like crazy because I'm like very selling a thing right now in there's something about what she was saying about. A supportive instagram community rose just like what does that even Mike Like I. I don't have you know what I actually started doing. I started getting into Tarot cards beautiful about not having to do with anything. I don't share it. I don't really talk about it anywhere and it's just for me and it's like this meditated the thing that I do for a few minutes in the morning afternoon when I'm feeling inclined. It's not monetize Abol. It's not like being graded by other people. It's not going to gain new followers or making aching loose all of that other like noise. Quieting is just really nice and doing something just for you. That isn't it's like a clot is in full. Yeah not clout move not a club yeah. I love that and also not not doing it for like. Dory side-hustle yeah just doing it. I'm not even sure what that feels like. I know I'm ready to learn but yeah is also barrier to entry of being like Oh. What is the audience. GonNa think in like House speaker at every everything else like really sucks the joy out of like a lot of the things that you might otherwise totally enjoy doing yeah feel people get hung up on this with writing a lot and then they find when they're just doing morning pages which are like just for them quote unquote that they're able to write a lot yeah or writing fan fiction. Yeah I mean that is for an audience but a different kind. It's not necessarily surly. MONETIZE and people are very freed is interesting meeting based. It's not just about like that. Excellent outlines just win over everyone else or whatever yeah totally. I would love to know what the sewing community is like on Instagram to what are some hashtags reveal. Oh yourself instagram sewing community. You sound so lovely. You've really do he wanted we wanna we went to observe well. Let's take a short break. Okay okay. We're back and again another a whole new topic to explore this. Were weaving all over the place in this episode. Yes <hes> <hes> I'll read this before it. Do you ever fear that a dream will feel so lifelike and real that you wake up actually doing the thing you were doing in your dream something so mundane and normal like peeing well. It happened to me last night. I'm a thirty something year old grown ass woman and I peed my bed. I've always had this scary combination of vivid dreams and a small bladder and would say that with some frequency. I'm using the bathroom in my dreams. I've been afraid of waking up wet but it's never actually happened until now. Thankfully I woke up as soon as I started to P and stop myself before I had a chance to soak the sheets and mattress but what do I do in case. This happens happens again. I'm afraid to tell my partner because I know he'll be grossed out and I'm too scared to Google this problem for fear that I'll come up quote dry and not find any other adults of this issue issue. I should probably add that. I'm very newly pregnant and can't help it expect my vivid dreams and bladder issues to only get more difficult to manage help. I have not heed my bed but I do have dreams where I am peeing and then and then wake up and I have to apiece. Obama had that too in the dream. I'm like PA but the the feeling in my bladder sock going away and I'm like why is it not getting better then I wake up and and it's and I'm about fifty P. so bad so number one. I think that is totally normal to I would say this happened to this listener one time. It's probably though I understand why it has given you pause I would safe is a repeat thing. Go See your doctor. Talk to your doctor yeah but I feel like one time. You were heavily. You were sleeping heavily. You your newly pregnant so both P and bladder stuff is all John it happened. It's okay yeah. It's fine and you know if you feel comfortable. Maybe just let your partner know yeah total. I don't think it's something to be embarrassed about. I agree with you as far as telling the partner. I think that even like being too scared to Google it because he for fear that you're all alone unlike I agree with you I mean I think that we've all been on that sort of like precipice of like no pun intended of like you know getting up and be like. Oh my God it really desperately need to be going but I think that like being fearful that this is GonNa happen again and that sort of anxiety spiral can sometimes just like plague other other things like sleeping period. I think that just like you know you're only a signature secrets and I think that like telling me. Your

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