PG&E faces SEC investigation

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Now a story about p._g. And e. the utility responsible for causing deadly wildfires in california on wall street journal investigation instigation found the utility at times misled regulators withheld data and hindered investigations for more on the investigation. Our charlie turner spoke with reporter rebecca smith rebecca p._g. And e. the giant california utility is in bankruptcy court doodle liabilities from its role and accidentally causing forest fires. It's also under federal probation. Following felony convictions tied to a deadly gas pipeline explosion in san bruno california but this seems to be really just the tip of the iceberg it for p._g._a. You report that for more than twenty five years. The company has run afoul of regulators in the courts. Is there anything about p._g. That stands out about it's illegal or unethical. Pickle activity or is it. Just the fact that it's misconduct seem so widespread well. I think the main thing is that the misconduct is widespread and that it appears to have gone on for a very a long period of time. I think this is one of the things that's puzzling public officials now who are trying to figure out what to do with the company might mean. It's one thing if the company says well yeah we have problems and we'll fix them and it fixes them but the problem with p._g._a. Is that in many instances. It promises to do things that it never does. I mean one of the things we've seen a longstanding problem with is inspecting different kinds of inspections of its system and this is obviously extremely family important for safety but sometimes it has people do these inspections who aren't qualified to do them at other times. It's records are not reliable and may even have been falsified so this is it all boils down to a big problem of trust for the public and for public officials talk talk about the falsifying of records at p._g.

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