An Interview with Thoroughbred Racehorse Trainer Kiaran P. McLaughlin


Carrying you continue to just keep clicking along and winning graded stakes races. You're win total now. I don't even know if you're aware of this but when you go to echo base and look up your statistics one thousand five hundred fifty five career winners one hundred eighteen million dollars in purse. Money is what your horses have earned. What's the secret how does care mclaughlin. Just keep keep doing this year in and year out. That's a great question. You have to have support. I'm the owners and i've been lucky i've been with optum family for twenty five years and they supply and i say us because broader taste and i have show lee here in new york and i have a great team of people but we need the horses so we're very awards have great honors and help with that. Luckily a lot of people work from eight or a dozen or so years so that always helps the not enough for so. Many people are used to seeing you now. Bringing over the the maktoum horses you mentioned the relationship goes back twenty five years years. Where did that relationship begin karen. How did it start. <hes> actually held alexander healthy <hes> at zeroes in nineteen ninety two when i had chrysanthemums book dinner and i asked her if she still do with the moslem family she's yeah yeah and i said i would go anywhere. We work google it. I had to go to the library. Look it up. Cure cure mclaughlin with here on h._r. Kirin let me stop you right there for a minute. You were kind of breaking up during that answer. Let us if you're okay with this. Let us reconnect with you. I'll have my producer lee. Call you back and we'll get feature right back on the show all right little bit of a bad connection the req- and we'll try to rectify that here in just a moment but i really. I really am anxious to hear that answer. You couldn't hear it because the the connection was breaking up but i want to hear how it started. After his meeting with helen alexander that's such a cool cool story. People become so used to seeing kieran in the winner's circle with those godolphin colors the royal blue and white colors of godolphin and the story has very interesting beginning and i'm anxious to hear exactly how they came together cure in his back with us now karen by the way will apologize to everybody buddy for the the connection issues but you were telling the story about sitting down with helen alexander. Take us from there. I in nineteen ninety two we had dinner at saratoga and i asked her she still had anything to do with the mock to family and she said yes your names come up to go to dubai straight all right and would you be interested and i said i would go anywhere for them to family. Where the hell do i had to go to the garden city library. Look it up because and i got lucky to come to work there.

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