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Not how I'm GonNa feel in two thousand four from that's everybody but it's not how I'm GonNa feel in twenty four hours so I knew like just sort. Take a beat and separate because like I know what you're going to get for me. Minute one is like anger and in a few hours or a day you're GonNa get like compassionate and understanding so I do personally really need some space. We'll do you do you have you. Do you know the Anagram. Obviously I haven't done it yet so we should actually episode on the last ball my I yeah I don't. I only know it from reading Chelsea Handler's most recent book life will be the death of me highly recommended but I just know what I am because I'm the same as her and it's like what your initial reaction. It's based on what your initial reaction reaction is faced with conflict or something like that and it's like anger fear or sadness. I think an anger beyond so I can't react to the moment. It's not good good. I've got I've got to take a few breaths like I guess she's boring lanes without me. She's got on boys talked about. We talked about earlier and I've gotten better but

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