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Workers and we've seen that's had an impact but president trump you're seeing now the lowest unemployment in African American history lowest unemployment fifty or sixty years in Hispanic in wages starting to rise particularly in those areas of Agriculture Oilfield Services Construction where you're trying to limit the Labor poll on on legal immigration also to make sure the not too too much competition so people can kind of start getting jobs in the textile industry. The second plank was bringing manufacturing jobs back from Asia. Basically you got to confront China to bring the supply chain back. The third was get out of these pointless foreign wars in the Middle East particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan and president trump's fought that that those issues shoes are not issues can be solved instantaneously look at today today. The Supreme Court ruled on a ability of president trump to us dod money to actually to build a border wall D- president trump has been full on against the established order and we're now three years into this I think is going to roll into twenty twenty. You have seen one thing from the corporate office. Globalist Hillary Clinton represented the Wall Street faction Democratic Party. You've clearly seen the populace aspect of that. Whether it's more socialist list or more populist like Elizabeth Warren Start to get traction and try to counter a president trump's new president trump's economic program. I want to talk about that because to me. The left is obviously A._B._C.. Effectively splinter you have the more moderate than the middle that seemed to be losing control a stranglehold and then you have this uprising of socialists at are really radicalized and they're talking about the open borders right so they're focusing so much and how America's being harmed by people that are coming in the migrants. They're more focused on protecting the migrants once they get here. How do you see that tobacco playing out because I see on social media? It's bizarre to think that people are actually making comparisons of between are holding facilities and concentration camps. I think the rhetoric has gotten totally out of control but I think these people are open borders people and they they they've <hes> converged economic migration to political asylum. I mean the systems clearly clearly being gained. We have a system applicable silent. That's why I think president trump today in Guatemala was announced. We had the safe party third third country where the the refugee rules throughout the world are kind of negotiated at the U._N.. got a system of treaties and it's supposed to be the first country go into

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