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Elijah Cummings who is black and his Baltimore area district acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney defended the tweets to fox news Sunday is Chris Wallace a comfortable with him saying that this is a rodent infested district and no human being would want a lead that you're comfortable with that person have you seen some of the pictures on the internet just this morning from the conditions in Baltimore Maryland you see them do that any inner city in America Maldini arguing the president was pushing back against inaccurate comments made by the congressman last week about conditions at the southern border the push for impeachment house Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler raising the prospect on ABC's this week following last week's testimony a former special counsel Robert Muller it's Cheney general and the press have misrepresented that report lied to the American people that it said that the report the said founded no collusion no obstruction and totally exonerated the present all those three statements are lies in a tweet this morning president from said Democrats should stop wasting time on the witch hunt outrage on the streets of New York City after a deadly shooting at a park last night we have to step up as a community we can't you know people well in this to happen it can't be the norm community

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