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And there is an official star Hopper Update Star Hopper. The flight was scrub last night didn't work out to will there was a little bit of an ignition to happen a little bit of Poof poof afire that happened out of the top of the star hopper now if you're not familiar star hopper is. This spacex is answer to interplanetary. Travel is just the beginning though this is a very small step for this star hopper will eventually become starship starship in the be a fire will be able to transport humans from the Earth to the moon into Mars also be able to carry a bunch of cargo right starship will be able to carry carry a bunch of satellites starship. We'll be able to carry constellations of Internet satellites for SPACEX and also will be able to take cargo to the moon in tomorrow's habitats possibly the things that you need to build a civilization on Mars and also possibly you know some extra water some extra food would possibly to Mars for the first people to set foot on the planet now that being said Star hopper the hop last night didn't go to well. They didn't have a really good flight well. They didn't have a flight at all. Actually it's Kinda stuck on the ground and burst into flames not a good deal but tonight tonight was different. Tonight was a success now that being said Elon Musk twitter said star hopper flight successful. Water Towers can fly ha ha in then role of engineering said congrats on what is next in Eland replied two hundred meter hop in a week or two Ben Carter said hopefully during the day for good visibility and Allan said yes because the flight tonight Oh my it was in the pitch dark. You could barely see anything when the star hopper took off what you could see enough enough to know that star hopper left the ground. This is the absolute first time that this has happened. This is amazing. This is an absolute marvel of engineering in this is also the beginning to human flight to other planets. This is what Elon Musk head talked about since the inception of spacex makes his idea his initial idea for starting SPACEX was hey. I'M GONNA shoot a rocket at Mars. It's GonNa land there in what it does. I'M GONNA put a plant on Mars and took a picture of this plant with the Martian backdrop. It's going to ignite people's imaginations for Millennia to come this would be the first time for that to happen. I merged in hopefully they could get people the Mars after that they could ignite the creativity in the genuity of NASA to send people

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