Famous Bands With More Than One Lead Singer



We're talking about bands big bands <hes> they've had more than one singer more than one front man why the original singers left whether it was creative differences or they wanted to go to the projects or in some cases if the singers died and we've gotten so much positive feedback episodes like this. They're heavily downloaded. That's awesome. We come on and talk about music this. We love doing it yeah. We just started doing it once. I think because somebody bail episode like oh crap. We don't have an episode this week. Let's talk about music songs that make us all of a sudden. He more crazy so we appreciate that. Whenever dusty okay was the comedian he was like you know what i really enjoyed. He had listed some interview. Episodes was like i really liked talking about songs that people didn't know the meaning yeah and he goes you know i heard the one about phil collins in the air tonight and he didn't really have a reason he wrote that song. What if he just got tired talking about the real reason it was like screw this. I order for no reason right which is possible. So what do we know what we read. We have no idea some of these. I've heard from situations that i'm maybe not super close to but i'm one degree away so someone like you trust in the inside that yeah knows about it and i i start with phil collins and you know throw collins was the lead singer of a band genesis right now before he was <hes> peter gabriel was leasing genesis so nineteen seventy six they replaced peter gabriel with phil collins so this is genesis with peter gabriel so peter gabriel left genesis solo career following nine hundred seventy five. Do you know peter gabriel's solo song in your eyes. That's the that's the big you wanna read. That's the big one loss so good yeah so gabriel left genesis nineteen seventy five and phil collins who was the backing vocals and the drummer's dumbers took over vocal duties walk continuing to drum so as he's doing that and by the way there are searching for lead singer while he was doing that initially so let's go finally singer for conflict and keeping until we get it then he became the lead singer but what happened was as it happened as well fill call and started to do a solo career at the same time time so as genesis phil collins happened right behind it if they're running a race like a length and a half behind phil collins had started to do a solo career which made in this massive star because he had to project the same time blowing up at the same time and so from collins over there. Do you have anything else gosh. Some of these may be confused which one it is. If it's all i couldn't tell you. This is genesis okay. I would've been so called oddly because of the voice is still calling singing it the janus face a tough decision with bill collins quit the band to carry on with the third lead singer or call it quits we think happened you call it quits command the band and then kept on with phil collins then there were no other good vocalists in the band. They couldn't just go right next up so the keyboard was tempted to call today but mike rutherford pushed the groups continue continue the last tour they did stadiums. They felt the fan loyalty was enough to carry him on they brought on a guy named ray wilson <hes> which may not rain and the group were unknown but they had a nineteen ninety four single inside. There was a minor hit in england. It was nothing that anyone cared about but if you remember just as came back again and they had that they had this the the song where <hes> it was a walk into the beach yup. I can't dance. My jets came back. Do you remember that i do because this isn't on my way. You're eighty s not ninety nine look. I can't dance because genesis comes back back with. I can't dance again. Seldon it. Neither peter gabriel or phil collins in this band now this was together and they they blew seaman dan. I was little so i remember all this stuff happening but i just figured the band never broke up. I didn't feel collins had his own side project. You didn't <hes> didn't know they'll call just book. All didn't even know who peter gabriel was. Phil collins had bigger song outside of. I remember what he looked like. I remember he was bald. Memory kind of let will now now how he kind of looks like <hes> the astronaut you know the astronaut who takes lots of pictures and space kelly's like a famous no no no. He's like a current astronauts that like lived up there for a whole year anyway. They look the same and i just remember that looking like yeah. He makes that music and drummer or something and he sings. That's all i remember uh-huh phil collins and genesis but you didn't know the phil collins like. I don't know how i was all genus. You did yeah again. I i don't know the difference by hearing them but i guess i knew feel collins. Ask bill calling before. I knew the genesis stuff we were so young yeah but that band had and then peter gabriel. Was you know the big embassy to them one on peter gabriel. What did he do after everything. He had pretty successful career himself. I would say moderately successful. He had a massive hit your eyes but that was before. We were born

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