How to Figure Out Anything as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur


Dive on now. I feel like you need no introduction but i feel like let's do it like give me marie forleo at a glimpse yes well. You know we'll take it back for anyone listening. If we've never met before i like going back to the old days of when i popped out of college and was super excited about doing something i was hoping is going to be meaningful in the world and that would allow me freedom and to build financial oh freedom and all those things i think many of a stream of and i found myself on the floor of the new york stock exchange wall street and i was super excited john because i'm a person who has a lot of energy and and there is literally no physical seats on the floor. They have these things that pop out from the wall. They're like fold up seats but there's no real seats and i was pumped to be there. I was grateful to be there. I grew up in a working class family on the first person in my family to ever go to college. That was a really big deal and to have this job on wall street was like a._m. Proud i. I have a steady paycheck. I have health benefits like this is good and i'm not gonna lie. I was always someone who is very ambitious. I experienced a lot of pain heenan my childhood specifically around money and i saw how much pain the lack of it caused and i saw my mom go through so much feeling so powerless us around money and you know quite frankly i saw that many moms and adult women when i was growing up and so i had made a pact to myself that when i became an adult i wanted to do ever ever was possible to earn a lot of money not because i care about nice shoes or a lot of materialism. That's really that's not my life. I love experiences and i also left taking care of. If people like it's part of my nature and i wanted to be able to take care of others so at this wall street job guys around me were earning like a jillion dollars a year more money then i could have ever conceived ub growing up yet there is a big problem most of them while they seemed rich and successful and powerful on the outside seemed spiritually bankrupt one way i could see that was used to pine for these like two weeks of vacation that they had every year that that was the only thing they we had to look forward to and then of course the lifestyle of wall street was very typical of what we see you know back in the ninety s. Which was you know. The bell rings at four p._m. You hit a strip strip club. You do lines of coke and i'm like oh my god. This is so not me plus. It was ninety nine point nine percent men gender inequality and gender balance was insane. I was trying so hard to be taken seriously. I've always had very long hair but on wall street. I actually had a pixie cut. I cut off all my hair in an effort to be taken seriously. I just wind fine my spot in this world so cut to six months into that job. I started hearing this little still small voice inside that was like marie. This isn't worse must obey. This isn't what you're meant to do. You need to get out of here and that was hard to hear because that little voice was not telling me what else i was supposed supposed to do and i tried to ignore it because again. It felt wildly irresponsible. I i don't again comparable wealthy family. I didn't have a trust fund. I was tens of thousands of dollars in debt after college. Delay quitting steady job without having a backup plan seemed insane right not what i was going to do but got to the point where i could no longer ignore that voice in one day on the floor. I had what i can only describe to be some what of a mild panic annika tack. You know. I'm walking around. I started getting dizzy. I had trouble breathing. I felt like really nauseated like i was going to throw up and told my bosses like had to get out and go grab a cup of coffee thirty instead of getting the caffeine i made a beeline to the nearest church i had grown up in a catholic household and i went to a catholic university so i was kind of trained to new crisis. Ask god for help some kind of guidance. I'm sitting on the steps trinity church bawling my eyes out in my little kind of you know they give be these like dark blue blazers that you are in the floor exchange miscarriage running down my face and the first one i got was to call my dad which made sense because i was so just i. I felt so guilty to be honest with you because i knew how much he busted his ass to put me through school that i didn't want to be a disappointment so i opened my flip phone. If anyone remembers those call my pops and was just bawling my face out. I finally took a breath to catch my breath. He interrupted. He said ray com now. Now you're fine. He's like you've worked since you were nine years old. I am not worried about you keeping a roof over your head or paying your bills look. You're gonna work for the next forty forty or fifty years of your life. You have got to find something you love and if this isn't it and you're getting yourself this second this upset then you gotta adequate and you've got to do whatever it takes to find something you love and don't stop looking until you find it and so that was kind of my first permission slip you you get the f out of there but you know. I honestly had no clue how to find something. I loved and there's even a skeptical part of my brain. That was like what does that mean somewhere deep in my soul. I knew it was right so i went on a bit of an odyssey to try and find out who i was and my only clues were that i loved creativity. I was highly the creative. I thought i was going to be either an animator for disney or a painter or fashion designer and i loved business and marketing. My dad was an entrepreneur in a small business owner and i got to see him operate his small printing business growing up so i thought magazine publishing might be the place for me right. There's like the the editorial side and there's the ad side commerce business art all of it and so. I got a job at gourmet magazine in their ad sales department. I was like okay. This is going. It'll be and it's gonna be awesome right now. In terms of the landscape there was many more women. My boss was a woman. The publisher of the magazine was a woman. They were all amazing. I'm like like this is wonderful. I love to eat it was gourmet by my little cubicle was next to the test kitchen so the chefs would be like hey. We're trying out this new recipe. Do you want to chase yeah. That's right. I was like who has to like this on your police. Bring the snacks but the same thing happened about six months. I started hearing that voice jonah voice right. This isn't who you're supposed to be and then i started to really feel a sense sense of panic because i watched my peer group around me. They were all starting to get promotions. They were all kind of getting this foothold in their life and here i was wanting to quit. Quit my job yen so i thought to myself okay. Wall street was very numbers focused. The ad sales side of a magazine is very numbers focused. Maybe i have gone too far on that nightside. Maybe i need to really strengthen my creativity. What if i'm supposed to be on the editorial side so hustled my buns off. I got a position as a fashion assistant at mademoiselle and i was like okay. This is gotta be at gona photo shoots fashion shows in the new product lines you know working with layouts like all these highly creative things and when she now at six months in same thing started happening at and i have to be honest here because i started started to feel really broken you know i had graduated the valedictorian of my class and i'm a very hard worker and couldn't square. How can i be this committed to doing really good work and this freaking clueless about who i am in this world like why does nothing fit and so when i was at that the job i was on the internet one day probably when i shouldn't have been and i stumbled upon what was a new profession at the time now you gotta get guys. This is nineteen ninety nine like nine hundred ninety nine. It was talking about this new profession called coaching which at that point no one had ever heard of before jenna when i read this article all about people that had these coaching businesses about how it was so focused on co creating strategies with people it was very positive. It was very forward moving. It sounded really exciting. It was as though something inside of my heart broke open. It was like the clouds parted and little cherubs. We're we're seeing like little sunbeam's. Shooting out of there is right into my heart and something about it just felt so right. However my very critical mind signed immediately stepped in. Who do you think you are who the hell is gonna hire a twenty-three-year-old life coach. You haven't even lift life yet. You can't even keep a job for more than six months your ten thousand dollars in debt. You have nothing to offer anyone. This is nuts. This is crazy by the way how cheesy is a term life coach which so that's where i was but i couldn't deny that this was the right thing i had ever felt in terms of calling and so i signed up for three year coach training program with coach university and i continue to work at the magazine during the day can i was my paycheck. That's how things went fast forward a few months. I got a call all from the h._r. Department at conde nast publications. They had a promotion for me. It was an opportunity at folk more money a lot more prestige staying on that steady paycheck health benefits train and that jenna was my work on the road a on the safe path or do i do this weird thing called life life coaching which no one has ever heard of i think as cheesy as hell but sounds amusing and so i quit my job and i went back to bartending in waiting tables else and decided to start my business at twenty three so what has happened since twenty three because has happened and i'm juiced just giggling as you're talking because i feel like every listener can relate to these voices the one that is like who do you think you are in the one that is like you you were made for this and like it's just this constant conversation in our heads in if if the world saw the conversations that you're having in our heads we would look like geico

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