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Tony Griego And San Diego discussed on Brett Winterble


Six to vote the San Diego city council has approved a new ordinance that will require San Diego gun owners to keep their guns stored in a lock box use a Tony Griego tells us supporters and opponents pack city hall in argue their points prior to the vote supporters side is a way to keep guns from falling into the wrong hands there are lots of guns are stolen on a gun that's securely locked up as a whole lot more difficult for those against the new law we're just as passionate this is another way that they can kind of discouraged gun ownership I think that's what they're all to make all this I don't think it's safety at all they also felt the law would be nearly impossible to enforce and that it unnecessarily put people's safety at risk by giving criminals the upper hand I mean to tell any of them that actually had someone break into the house in the mail and I'd have to quickly get to something to defend themselves it's kind of hard for them to justify passing another law that puts restrictions on law abiding people when the criminal breaking in your house probably doesn't care about in the end the council voted six to two to pass the new gun law the new law also requires gun owners to have a trigger lock on the firearm when not in use or when being worn on their

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