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The public radio thinking this is a nice place where I bet I could get paid to write for radio and I met the chief announcer there that's with you know a while ago randomly would spend and he gave me a tour and after the tour you know we kind of chit chatted and he sort of said well I don't hear any speech defects with your voice do you want to be on the air okay yeah I guess I could be on the air was what I was envisioning but that was sort of my road and at the same time I kind of taking a step back from classical music it was feeling confining to me and so I was singing with the folk trio called lilies of the alley in Madison here info using my voice and you wait and exploring it as a voice on the radio and then also in the folk harmony singing groups so I've been I've been loving working with my voice every step of the way and I'm done a million different things with that and it's

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