David Cameron says Brexit makes him depressed.


Coming up on the nears a former PM David Cameron has revealed Brexit makes him depressed. US Air Force lodges crews at Donald Trump's Scottish resort it up to forty times and EPA makes rollback of clean water rules official. It's Friday September timber thirteen. I'm Anthony Davis British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Listen and European Commission President Jean-claude Janka will hold talks next week to try to break the brexit impasse as both sides seek to avert what could be a disastrous no deal departure. Ymca said he was hoping for some alternative proposals but wasn't optimistic at resolving the stalemate. The meeting getting comes as lower level. Brexit negotiationms have produced no visible signs of progress as the deadline nears although e you negotiators say they believe Johnson is he's actively pursuing a deal the case stumbling block remains the so-called Irish backstop maneuver to prevent both sides from putting in a hard border between between Ireland which is in the EU and Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. The Irish Prime Minister warns that the two sides are still very far apart despite despite recent reports of progress in the talks the former prime minister who masterminded the Brexit Referendum Twenty Sixteen David Cameron has revealed is brexit makes him depressed and accuses Boris Johnson of trashing the government with his campaign to leave the EU in an interview before he's book book hits the shelves. The former prime minister explained how he thinks about losing the referendum every single day what the consequences will be. He also says a second referendum may be necessary to break the deadlock and criticizes Boris Johnson's move to parochial parliament and strip twenty-one torey. MP's of the whip for rebelling he said he had been under political pressure to hold a referendum in twenty sixteen because there had been a series of treaties and the issue was not going to go away and he thought about it more than any other decision he made in government. He reserves his most stinging criticism full. He's full Matori colleagues. Michael Grove move and Boris Johnson who were instrumental in the votes leave campaign. He said the pair had left him feeling like he was in a quagmire in the book he calls g-o-v Mendacious and says the behaved appallingly the US Air Force has launched cruise at Donald Trump's Scottish resort up to forty times since two thousand fifteen a figure that is far higher than previously actually known the figure does not indicate how many of the stays have occurred since trump became president but the air force has significantly ramped up its overnight stops in Scotland under trump trump after signing a contract with Prestwick airport situated twenty plus miles from ten brain the F. Osa said the refueling stops at Prestwick and all related overnight stays are well within Pentagon guidelines. Prestwick frequently books the Air Force crews lodging at turnberry the airport acknowledged a statement and often arranges for their transportation to and from the resort the US House oversight committee has been investigating military expenditure at and around ten since the spring and is threatened to subpoena officials in an attempt to get more information from the Pentagon the trump administration is changing the definition of what qualifies as waters of the United States tossing out and Obama irregulaties that is enhanced protections for wetlands and smaller waterways. Yesterday's rollback is the first step in a process that will allow the trump administration to create its own definition of which waters deserve federal protection a new rule is expected to be finalized this winter the EPA already finalized forty sixty regulatory actions under trump with an additional forty five actions in development triggering lawsuits from conservation and environmental organizations Swedish teenager Greta Tune Berg who shot to global fame for inspiring worldwide old white students strikes to promote action against climate change to commission to Donald Trump's doorstep today with a protest outside the White House hundreds hundreds of mostly young people gathered across the street carrying signs reading people or Prophet and warming chanting. This is a crisis act act like it and businesses usual is not enough the demonstration marked the first high profile event of her six day visit to Washington intended tended to pressure the trump administration ahead of United Nations Climate Summit where world leaders will be asked to ramp up their carbon cutting ambitions to fend off global global warming which trump has described as a hoax you can subscribe to the the news with your favorite podcast APP or ask Your Smart Speaker to play the news with Anthony Davis podcast leave a review on ITN's and follow us on twitter at at the news underscore podcast for daily updates. The news is an independent production covering politics inequality health and climate climate delivering honest verified and truthful World News daily.

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