Antonio Brown Facing Discipline From Raiders


Huge n._f._l. News out of oakland according to adam schefter the raiders are planning to suspend antonio jio brown who reportedly had an altercation for general manager mike mayock yesterday after brown posted and complained about mailbox letter informing the receiver. He was being fined for missing practice practice according to the n._f._l. Network in rappaport brown said he would punch maniac in the face punted the ball and shouted finally for that repertoire also reported that a suspension could cost thirty million dollars in guaranteed money. I've been saying throughout the off season. I don't think a b wants to play football anymore and he's been doing a bunch of things in succession to keep screaming. I really don't wanna play football ball but that's my narrative has been my narrative. What do you all think and marceau's start us off. What do you think this latest incident says says about antonio brown i i've been in the process if you've been watching me sit at this table starting to micro into fan man you've been defending the he's a little light into pockets right now maybe to the tune of thirty million dollars because of his temper tantrum through and i'm going to be a little light in the pocket because i'm returning to retainer his defense attorney for eight months. This guy is full of himself and ask something we throw around a lot but we don't see it a lot like to this dose to this level when you are trying to play the ultimate team sport sport as an individual and i've been on some teams with devious some hall of famer to that did it their way but i've not seen it done this way and ever turns into success for not only the team but even the player like to derail yourself. This far off offer would is central to what the team needs in terms of your performance and your personality is really defeating so sorry antonio brown but a new evidence gives me new information which gives me a new outlook towards what he's trying to do it right now. I think he's a man lost. He's not living in reality. Dashes period the crazy thing though when you look at the letter mike sincerely mike may up. He was trying to let him know. I wanna be friendly you. You've got to understand when you do what he did the cryotherapy you can't practice the helmet fiasco. Oh we got that situated. Oh now it's another now the problem with the helmet when they came out and said either you all in or you all out that he should have known right dan in their day not plan with me no more and so for you you okay you post. I don't know exactly what happened today. They may i say something to him about posting it on his instagram or did he say. I don't know how that happened but you gotta understand they not playing with. You know no more living reality understand. This could be all white. This thirty million dollars. You got is all gonna you got. You're gonna regret this five years food. Look at the guys before you look at you. They put him out. The league probably could have played a couple more years. I play which i believe was more talented antonio brown he only played eleven years because ant learned from the people that came before you. He's not living in reality and it's going to bite him in a buddy. He's going to regret at four to five years from now. I'm gonna take a tablet of a different approach to this and the different for an angle. I think mike and jon gruden have to do something that may or may not have happened in pittsburgh. I think they have to take a step back and see antonio brown as a human.

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