Who killed Sharmini Anandavel?



Out because she with such intelligent loving person she was so kind she decided to smile that could light up to sharm meany <hes>. Thanks show either. Be a lawyer or need a lawyer. A hundred nickname was scare meany scare. Yeah meanings brothers are her pet peeves. We were just in class goofing around like in the morning and just listening to the backstreet boys <music> poynton morning. Did you realize should made a horrible mistake. <music> showman is a top student at woodbine junior high. Who everyone says never gave an answer trouble. The please fear the worse but hope for the best on the weekend police found skeletal remains in a north york park to me. Justice was never served for they think we know who did it and i'm in no position to point the finger but i don't have to be a detective to put the dots together. He was famed amiability this very deceptive. Just don't think there's a shred of shame or humanity and never ever how mapra man mike him. Don't you have to acknowledge that. He's not really the perpetrator that he is innocent. Not found duct tape ties drought awesome all sorts of dr the year i'm dark get one of one. There is evidence that supports since the shelf shaped your head pleased. Come on now. Put yourself in that situation. It could happen to anybody. I don't recall all making that case so i'm telling you that you that's fine if you don't recall it but i'm telling you that's what you told me. Uh one saturday morning in june one thousand nine hundred nine fifteen year olds charmian undeveloped disappeared and never came home. No one has ever been charged with her murder. I'm shepard and this season on uncover. I'll we'll take you back to where my journalism career began toronto's crime beat sherman. He's killing was one of my first big stories and has haunted me ever since join me as i re investigate her murder. That's on uncover charming

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