Washington, NPR And China discussed on KQED Radio Show


Ganged up on progress are front runners Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren look are you that if Democrats policies were too far to the left the parties lurch could help president trump when a second term Warren for her part argued running for president was about big ideas anyway regardless of the political consequences former vice president Biden and California senator Kamilla Harris will be among the other ten democratic presidential contenders at tonight's debate also in Detroit trade in north Korea's latest missile tests are expected to be on the agenda today when secretary of state Mike Pompeii arrives in Thailand for a round of meetings Michael Sullivan reports trade is a common theme in many of the secretary's meetings he'll sit down with his Chinese counterpart in the midst of the U. S. China trade war he'll also meet with the south Korean and Japanese counterparts who are having their own trade dispute and encourage them in his words to get to a good place there's also a chance of meeting with representatives from North Korea to talk about its nuclear program this is NPR news from Washington

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