Richards, Loch Ness And Facebook discussed on Brian Kilmeade


Chair listening it looks like the internet is already planning the next move after rating area fifty one they got a new target the loch ness monster yes more than twenty thousand people have signed on to a Facebook event called storm blackness now she can't hide from us all no can't forever I would create a bride Richards declaring this is that the time has come the time is now for us to find that that Big Boy that big Bollington that's what that the post another copy cat event entitled to storm the Bermuda triangle hi okay can't swallow all of us has also reached out forty thousand signees candy store heavy storm that I wonder why you only do it once that's all over today again I can't swallow a solemn yeah that's what the post yeah they're going to be some drownings of the lock lock miss muster in the Bermuda triangle so although I do have to admit that blackness monster I think is there

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