Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Eric Discuss Trump's Effect on Roe v. Wade


Welcome back, we're talking to rabbi Jonathan Khan, author of many books, including the harbinger, the harbinger two, son of harbinger, just kidding. No. Harbinger meets avenue Costello meet harbinger, the film is called the harbingers of things to come. It's available at Salem now, dot com, all kinds of other stuff in here. When you talk about the jubilee of abortion, which we just covered, you were relating that to the Supreme Court overturning roe V wade, and there's no question that is utterly historic. I mean, it's a monumental thing that something which was a bad law, not just because abortion is evil, but the law itself was bad. It was a high handed overreach by the judiciary to legislate something. It has no business being found in the constitution. It's just complete nonsense. But to have that actually overturned in our lifetimes, thanks to Donald Trump, who appointed three originalists to the Supreme Court. Yes. Yeah, a few things. One is, and remember we once talked about a thing called the paradigm. I think that I'm just going to say one thing about that. I won't go, yeah. What's one of your books? Yeah. Yeah. And one of the things about Donald Trump is I saw that he's following with America. He kept following this pattern of jehu jehu was the wild guide. And he comes up while the nation's falling away from God. But the one thing that one thing that jehu does, which is if he only did that, it would be enough. Is he opposes the worship of bail, which is the offering of child sacrifice. So the thing is that so jehu actually causes the temple of bail to fall. Donald Trump, as you said, he's the one who appointed the three Supreme Court Justices and by that act he caused roe versus way to fall.

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