Robert Cahaly: Polls Suggest Good Signs Leading Into November


About the midterm election sort of generally right now We're hearing mixed messages mixed polls the Democrats are holding out hope that it won't be a Republican wave The Republicans are holding out hope that we take the house maybe even the Senate What are you thinking I say nothing but good signs One of the things that really frustrates me is I feel like there's a lot of the kind of establishment some of the media polling firms some of the big university public firms they're trying to impact what people think of me Some of these polls are out there And I'm not sure that they're actually doing the job A poll should reflect the electorate not be designed to affect the electorate and I worry that the latter is what a lot of these polls are out there trying to do They're trying to create a narrative They just doesn't exist This is an excellent year for Republicans We have competitive candidates and I really don't see much of what they're talking about And when we start putting honest numbers out there we see these media pulsars who don't mind being wrong when they're all wrong together but they don't like it when anybody's right And they're starting we're starting to bring in a little honest to do them and I think they don't want to be embarrassed again And so you're going to start seeing them acting like a shift that's happened It's not a shift It's been like this

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