Sean Feucht Drops In After His Times Square 'Let Us Worship' Event


Ladies and gentlemen Sean Foyt, Sean, I can't believe you are in the studio. In the flesh. Every time I've interviewed you on this program, you've been in a car on a hilltop in California. Right? Yeah. And you are in New York City. Welcome to New York, my friend. Thank you. I was just Alvin and I were just telling my audience our version of what happened last night. And it was so beautiful and a friend of mine, my wilkerson said, oh, and when the sun went down while we're worshiping, that was the beginning of Roche Shaun at the beginning of the Jewish new year. And I said, that was not planned. That was amazing. To be worshiping Jesus in the middle of Times Square. Publicly, beautifully. So last night we saw the film, the film super spread is fantastic. The only part I didn't like is my part. I'm in it folks. I apologize, you know what I mean? I was just very bullish. I was bloated and confused. But they put it in any way, because but Sean, just tell us, what happened yesterday? Man, it was wild. I mean, like you mentioned, you know, being in Times Square, the place where the ball drops, the place where the eyes of the world look at during new years. And we were there actually during the real new years. Is that not amazing? Yeah, it's so cool. And what was even more wild, I mean, there's so many different threads to weave, but when we first came in 2020 and we were on the West Coast and we were doing lettuce worship and of course, you know, people were, there was a narrative from the media that it was like this anti lockdown anti government protest. It wasn't that at all. It was just like, hey, we're The Church of Jesus Christ. We need to rise up. This is a dark time people are fearful. People are filled with, you know, this chaos is confusion, drug and alcohol use of skyrocketing, suicides, this guy rocketing, we need to worship. And so then when I had it in my heart, like we got to go to New York City. This is a city I love. I've been coming here since I was a kid, and when we showed up in Washington square park under the big arch, there was a policeman there, a chief of police that met me and he said, what are you guys doing here? And I said, well, you know, we're here to worship. And at that time, protesters had been raging through that park. And it was just a place of chaos and violence. And he said, well, we could use the church here.

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