Charlie Kirk on Responding to the Naked Aggression Against Americans


So Charlie, you were saying that, how do we respond to this naked aggression against what is called America effectively? Two things. So number one, I want to just recognize something. I wrote last year that the conservative movement has become anti fragile. If you're unfamiliar with the term, it's a great book by NASA lab, argues that the more you attack a certain organization or people, they actually get stronger. It's different than resiliency. It's a whole different category. I believe the conservative movement has become anti fragile. Dissidents are usually anti fragile. You have to be, right? Which is the more they attack you, the deeper our resolve goes. We'll out breed you while at work you will not think you will create you. I've seen that energy now in the conservative movement. They have Soros they have Zuckerberg, they have gates. We have the people we have organizing. This only this poor is a thermonuclear weapon on top of that. Okay, that's number one. But the second thing is how do we respond, which I, people act as if we don't have power. This is what drives me nuts about what we have to wait. Look, we're going to do fine. People are so motivated. They're going to camp out like a maga rally in front of the polls. People are going to wait like a week before voting. We're never going to see turnout whether or not we can stop the fraud and all this other stuff. We'll talk about that later. But we have power now. And so here's my radical proposal Eric. And I said this on my show, I'll say it here. Raids must be met with raids. State attorney generals that are Republican have to authorize raids against Soros groups, BLM Planned Parenthood, the alphabet mafia groomers, chemical castration of children now. Here's why. A hundred facilities should be raided by rated by the next week. Find them. You're trying to tell me there's not a hundred criminal organizations that are aiding and abetting people across the southern border, la Raza, we know them. They publicized it. I'm not saying you have to arrest them, just raid them. Find out what you find. Why? That will all of a sudden make them and their internal chatters. Nice. You are so stupid. You read Trump, now they're coming after us. Good. Now you know there's a price to this.

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