The Legal Significance of the Trump Raids With Attorney Joyce Vance


I have to say even for you, like, solid calm professionals. This is a lot this week. I mean, just those of us that aren't lawyers are like, oh my God. And now Scott Perry's phone. I mean, talk to us about I don't even know where to start with the legal significance of this week. But go ahead. So maybe one way of looking at it, this is probably the most boring way, but you know me, I'm boring. Yeah. That's what we love about it. Is that today is 89 days before the midterm election, Mar-a-Lago was searched. 91 days before the midterm election. And DoJ notoriously tries to go dark on politically complicated investigations. At a period of time sufficiently far enough out from an election to avoid any allegation that they're influencing the election. You know, the ghost of Jim Comey sort of lingers over that whole thing. I'm glad you got to him before I did. Yes. Early. If DoJ had stuff to do, it makes sense that we would see it happening this week. And so now they've got 90 days to quietly sort through what they obtained at Mar-a-Lago. We have no idea what that is. And figure out, you know, let's just put this on the table early. Two things could be going on at Mar-a-Lago, assuming the reporting is correct. This is about national security classified papers. One is there could be a criminal investigation going on. These cases are rarely prosecuted, but there's some factors here that suggest that there would be good reason to investigate and consider that. Possibly more importantly are the national security implications. And whenever you have a spill of classified evidence, you've got to figure out what's involved in the spill and whether or not there is risk to national security. So, you know, we've got a former president who notoriously sat at dinner at Mar-a-Lago and sort of crowdsourced advice on how to handle a Korean missile launch. There's no telling what he would do with papers. The important thing is that people need to get people government needs to understand what's happened and what the risks are.

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