Caller: A Conflict With Fellow Black Christians


Good, man. Listen, I really have a real conflict with a lot of my fellow black Christians. Now, they say that they don't agree with them immoral policies of the Democratic Party. But they think that they're not held responsible for voting for them. It's a really confusing thing to me. I've had a girl tell me that she is pro she don't believe in the killing of the unborn, but she's pro choice. I guess she's kind of manipulating the things that we know that God gives all people choice. But the choice in terms of killing babies is a different kind of choice. That's the choice to murder babies. And every Christian should be against it. But they've adjusted that theology to fit this Democratic Party. It's an amazing thing to me. They've adjusted it to fit them. Listen, this is, this is a hard fight and this is one of those issues where I say blacks that don't wake up. You have to kick the dust off your sandals and move on. But there's no way that you can justify abortion. You can't justify abortion biblically. God says he knew you before you were even born. I would quote scripture to her, and I would just ask her if God says this, why do you think that? And don't argue with her, just let her think it through, perhaps when she walks a may away, maybe the Holy Spirit will get a hold of our heart and get a hold of her thinking. But this is, this is nonsense. And I do believe that black churches need to be called out for this. I believe, and I hate to say this, but this is true. I think that Black Lives Matter has had a bigger impact on the black community than the black evangelical church ever has. And it's a sad statement, but it's a true statement. I believe that the black church largely, the black evangelical church, has largely been feckless when it comes to helping out the black community and it's

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