Kurt Schlichter and Eric Discuss the Problem With Deep State RINOs


I have to say, the cynicism of what we now know as rhinos, deep state rhinos, George Bush, the first and others. They were not interested in bringing these I mean, you have to realize these people themselves in their quiet way were anti American founders. When you think of George Bush senior and that ilk, they were not excited about liberty and Ben Franklin and George Washington, whatever they were excited about the status quo. And it is heartbreaking to me, frankly, it is heartbreaking to me to think that they had this kind of cowardly view that they were not really interested in paying the price necessary to bring the freedoms that we have to others around the world. We are where we are because of them. And I voted for some of them. Well, so did I and there are a bunch of votes I'd like to take back. But rarely has, I mean, go back to go back to Roman times, which I do in the book will be back the fall and rise of America. And you'll see what happens when you have a great power whose elite becomes so corrupt and inept. And unaccompanied. I mean, really, these are unaccomplished people. We are being ruled by people who really have never done it. I mean, look at Liz Cheney. Liz Cheney would be a annoying middle school librarian telling happy kids to use their inside voice and going home and drowning her sorrows on screw top Chardonnay from Trader Joe's every night. If her father hadn't hitched his wagon to the bushes.

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