Kurt Schlichter: 'Merrick, Garland, You're Trash!'


Garland, you're trash. You're a lying cog in a regime machine designed to stamp out opposition. Let's talk. Let's talk about your rule of law, shall we? Let's talk about the rule of law being fairly applied. Let's talk about the rule of law being evenly applied. Let's talk about the rule of law with your FBI that applies the law in a fair and open manner and it lies on warrants. Oh, how do I know that because it was convicted in a D.C. jury? If you can get convicted for helping the regime in a D.C. courtroom, you are guilty as hell. Look, do not tell me there is an equivalent rule of law. Do not tell me the J 6 defendants are being treated like the BLM guys. Don't tell me then. I have Julie Kelly in a few minutes here to tell us in more detail about that. Do not tell me that the FBI whose crime lab gave false results. It got people convicted. Of a very serious crimes and sent away to prison. Don't tell me that's okay. Don't tell me it's okay to send your S.W.A.T. teams out to rouse old guys if their house after warning CNN to show up.

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