Michael Knowles: DOJ, FBI Have Harassed Trump Since 2015


On I did a lot of box hits over the last which I usually do to Saturday morning And I'll do Hannity like every other week because it's just a lot going on But this week given how important everything was I felt it was my obligation to go on and use a platform And I said last night I mean we're like we went from the third world to banana republic to now like ten pot dictator stuff And I gave the example at least with proved everybody understood them to be state agit prop you know Like if the Soviet Union the fact that these entities are still pretending to be unbiased law enforcement agents like Christopher wray who just said that at a hearing it's just it's embarrassing it's just laughable at this point What's even more frustrating to me than the liberals who are perverting these agencies and using them to attack their political opponents Frankly even more frustrating than that I just squishes This squishes the squish Republicans who just don't get it who don't see what's happening right now There are actually people and some of whom I even like personally All right I'm not going to name names I don't want to say Tim Scott's name here but Tim Scott He goes on TV And he says he doesn't want to rush to judgment and he wants to let this process play out And I think respectfully we've seen the process play out We're not rushing to judgment at all The DoJ and the FBI in concert with Democrats have been attacking Trump for 6 years now This is I'm sorry 7 years now This has been going on since 2015 They start spying on the Trump campaign to keep them out of office Then he gets into office they use the DoJ illegitimately in concert with Dems to undermine the presidency They try to impeach him twice unsuccessfully They don't manage to kick him out of office Then he finally leaves office after they change all the election rules and what do they do They raid his home for what for the federal records act

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