Dana Goldberg and Stephanie Are Giddy Over This Week's Trump Raid


Know what to say about how good this week has been and it's only Thursday still. I mean, it has been blissful. A G and I were talking about it on the podcast yesterday. She's just, you know, Trump's walking around going, I'm innocent, but which one of you has the wire? And then I said, but which one of you is bugged? Yes. Yes, Travis. Oh, we could say something on the safe. Mick Mulvaney was on scene, and this morning. He said that only 6 to 8 people know about that safe and Mar-a-Lago. Oh. Who could it be? Oh my God. It's like a game of clue. It's just getting. It's like mystery date, but better. Now he's going to be sad he wasn't there, Dana, 'cause the Trump lawyer said she saw ten to 15 FBI vehicles, including a rider truck. You know how he loves to pretend to drive the trucks. And drugs are a big trick. Do we have him doing it? I love big drops, Hong Kong. Doesn't he doesn't he always pretend? For photo ops to ride the stop reaching for the wheels, sir, you need to stop reaching for the wheel. Okay, she spoke to Trump while the raid was underway, and he expressed shock about the FBI search. This is massive job done right. Has required more than 1500 pieces of heavy equipment, one of the largest cranes anywhere in the world and look forward to seeing it. I love cranes. I love trucks of all. Not the rider trucks at the FBI. I took your illegal away and yes, this is but you know, the fact that he expressed shocking that this is what Mary Trump said yesterday, I think, is that this is the first time his life he's been without protection of the office of the presidency of the banks of his father. I mean, he's shocked because why wouldn't he be? He's gotten away with everything his entire life. But she's also said and we need to follow it. He's that list of inventory that he said he has. They're going to say they planted something. They were already starting to say that. That's what he's alluding to, and all of these will no one was there. The lawyers weren't there. The FBI agents had full reign. It's coming. So we all need to be prepared that it's coming. Yeah, I would say I was quoting Rachel Bennett offer earlier said, I think what we find at the end of the day is going to make our jaws drop as much as nothing you think nothing would surprise you about Donald Trump. What would be worth hiding and going to prison for for ten months? Jim Jordan seems to think it's golf balls. That's what they took boxes of golf balls and a raincoat. I'm like, he doesn't have a raincoat. He doesn't know how to use a rain umbrellas. So I'm sure that's not what's in the boxes, Jim.

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