Eric Metaxas Talks About His Call to Action for American Churches


Guys, I'm always happy to welcome back to the podcast, our friend, my friend Eric metaxas, he's a fellow Salem radio and podcast host a daily nationally syndicated daily radio show. The Eric metaxas show. He's the number one New York Times bestselling author of is atheism dead. The new book letter to the American church. That's what we're going to talk about. By the way, you can find them at Eric metaxas dot com or metaxas talk. Dot com. Eric, welcome to the podcast. You are a prolific guy. I think we had you on what 6 weeks ago on to talk about your last book, but this is an urgent enterprise that you've undertaken the new book letter to the American church. Talk first about why you felt the sense of urgency and what is it that you're trying to say here? Thanks dinesh. There's really nobody who gets the urgency of where we are better than you do. So it's a joy to speak to you and to your audience. We are in a battle we are in a war and ideological war. But at its heart, a spiritual war. And my contention in this book, I've never written, I've never written a shorter book. I've never written a book that I felt greater urgency about. I've never written a book that I felt was more important. And I rushed this to publication because it's my contention. My heart, my horrible contention, that the silence of the American church is precisely the same as the silence of the German church in the early to mid 30s when the Nazis were on the rise. And it is precisely because of the silence of the German church, which I know from my research and my bahnhof her book, it is the silence of the church in Germany that led to the rise of evil and to horrors unimaginable to the people at that time.

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