Everyone who hates me on banner pump rules is going to be so gel because i'm killing the shed on this movie


So i write christon back after she says she's having his ship morning and i say it's okay period i'm depressed as fuck already because i just had the best effing dream of ever had in my life that me and ryan gosling were costarring in a movie in australia and everyone kept saying we had better chemistry than emma stone and we did a really good job together and now i want to kill myself i legit remember thinking in my dream everyone who hates me on banner pump rules is going to be so gel because i'm killing the shed on this movie apparently gosling and i have undeniable chemistry now even mendez is bucking up my shit so yeah i already woke up depressed this should is nothing what you're going through and seen how come you get to tell your dreams other people exactly that was my point that i just said i adds while i was like i your dreams on combo mine do and that in this in this moment this dream trust me i'm aware of the selfishness with the dream such as i'm saying it but this is what i mean it's not like we like ryan gosling and i it wasn't a romantic dream ryan gosling a weight goss ryan and i we didn't hook up we did it there was like no it wasn't like a romantic like because you would think that this like the way that i felt after the stream that it would have been like the most intense like sex stream ever i was so fucking happy and like thought my life had been made like oh my god like there were so many parts of his dream that were so real like we did it it was like improv they told us to abandon the script and actually just like makeup the lines as we go like we were like doing that like melissa mccarthy shit like it was almost like a judd abbott tell movie and we were were doing such a good job and it was like oh my god we have like the best chemistry together and like i was like i've found my fucking and combing i canaan believe it life is good and then i woke up.

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