We've toured the police department or interpol in this sort of thing now


I was sixteen years old and was with twenty other sixteen and seventeen year old buddies and five policemen who were our chaperones oh and the first thing they would say whenever we got into a town okay we've we've toured the police department or interpol in this sort of thing now you are under age and you are not allowed to go to bars or pro houses a prostitution you have free time for the next four hours be back at twelve hundred hours in it's like they would point out that things you shouldn't is known as you're sixteen and say okay you've got it sarge and you know that's little dust cloud nco san affects and a way we word i think there were many many guys who lost their virginity on the fiveweek trip your sixteen yet but this is an extraordinary opportunity by the way yeah we're in a in a household where you would sort of lost your way yeah so who's idea was first of all of you to get involved in the police explores please explore my brother uh you know back in the day they used to bring that used to be career day sure and in the gym did have all branches of the military and then have the department of water and power and they'd have the and other gas company and that have the you know the the times what whatever in we're a net loss angeles and they had the police department the fire department on and my brother joined the police explores i don't know why but we were talent exotics and sounded exciting and i think maybe in retrospect we were both looking for uh a fatherfigure charlotte because we didn't see our father from the time i was eleven or twelve two the time i was twenty two.

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