How Reading the Bible Changed E.W. Jackson's Life Forever


Point did you become a Christian? Wow. My father got saved late in life and I went to work at a law firm and stayed with him for one summer in Philadelphia. We lived in Chester, Pennsylvania, but I was working for a law firm in Philadelphia. And before I left, my father said to me, guess what I'm doing now? He saved a different man. OK, I mean, loving father, good father. But now a different man, because now he's an actual disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. He said to me, I'm reading the Bible from cover to cover. He said, and it's just it's an amazing thing. On my way home, Eric, I thought to myself, well, I don't know about all this Christian stuff, but the Bible is one of the important books in society. And I'm studying the great books. I want to read the Bible out of intellectual interest. And that's how I got started. But that's but that's just true. In other words, if you want to know history, if you want to understand culture, you want to understand anything, you'd be a fool not to be familiar with the Bible. And so just for that reason alone, you're reading it. And it has this magical effect. Oh, my goodness. You know, my wife would come home from church on a Sunday morning before I was saved. And I would look at her and say, how much of my money did you give that preacher today? My wife would look so you married a Christian woman. Oh, that's she would shake her head. The demon possessed right up to the eyeballs. And I was but I started reading in September of 1976. And when I came across David, that's when convictions started to happen. Really? Because David was such a strong warrior of a man, you know, a model of a man. Yeah. But yet tender, loving about God. And it got me. What makes this man talk about God like he's his best friend? Like he's in love with him. And that was when I began to say, well, Lord, whatever you showed him, if you're real, show me.

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