Nancy Pelosi's Delegation Departs D.C. With Fighter Jet Support


You care? If Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan. You know, the Chinese government has made it pretty clear. That if Nancy Pelosi goes to Taiwan, there's going to be some consequences. Now, a buddy of mine in the Washington D.C. area does a local TV show there. My friend's Armstrong Williams, for those of you in the D.C. area who might know of Armstrong. Armstrong since he and I, in turn, in senator Strom Thurmond's office, many, many years ago, Armstrong posted some video on Instagram, showing what was supposedly Nancy Pelosi's delegation leaving the D.C. area. And it was quite the showing. There was this huge, some type of U.S. Army airplane, it was a monstrous airplane, had several fighter jets, next to it, and then the next plane behind it was supposedly the one that Nancy Pelosi was in, again, accompanied by, I don't know, 6 8 other fighter jets. And obviously that is needed, I guess, I suppose, because of this threat, from China.

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