The 10 Most Important Races in 2022


Master dot com, Joe day dot com, team Herschel dot com, Ted bud dot com, Morse the number four Senate dot com, Adam laxalt dot com. JD Vance dot com, Doctor Oz dot com, smiley for Senate dot com, Ron Johnson for Senate dot com. That's not order of importance. That's the order of the states. Blake masters in Arizona, Joe Dan, Colorado, Herschel Walker, and Georgia, Ted bud in North Carolina, I think, oh, got that wrong. It's then C, but NH I was using the abbreviations. Chuck Morris in New Hampshire, Adam laxalt and Nevada, JD vents and Ohio, Doctor Oz and Pennsylvania, Tiffany smiley and Washington state and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. That's the key. Those ten races. And I hope Peter jail gives them all Peter Thiel gives a $100 million to each of those races. Sets up an independent expenditure committee. If you're listening, Peter, I'm just saying, give a $1 billion away and win the country. It matters. It matters. We got to stop these crazy judges. Yes, we got to fix tax policy. We can fix that. We're going to have the House of Representatives in any event. And great candidates winning all across the United States last night. Republicans low end, they're going to pick up ten high end. They could pick up 40. Depends on how badly Joe Biden screws up and what happens with inflation. And right now, the misery index, I think it's baked in. The house is one. Democrats are giving up the retiring in droves. They're running away. And they should. Because redistricting plus the misery index means a Republican wave in the house.

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