'Trumponomics' Author Stephen Moore on Biden's New Press Secretary


Seen. He's the author of trumponomics. He's back at the conservative mothership, the heritage foundation has senior fellow. Welcome back to America first, one on one, Stephen Moore. Hi, Sebastian, great to be with you. And if you're hoping that I can explain that answer from our new press secretary, I have a brain I can not. I couldn't make heads or tails. Why don't she was saying, it was actually kind of awkward, and I felt a little bit sorry for her, actually. You know, she was kind of partially reading from the notes and just reading a script, even though it had nothing to do with what the question was about. But look, all of this, all of these policies, I'm an 8 from Joe Biden. She's just a mouthpiece spitting out that the sound bites that The White House has been putting out. But I think what's really more important than those crazy statements that were made in that press conference was, you know, you have somebody now, you know, who's the Jeff Bezos who runs one of the largest companies in the world who is a Liberal Democrat Sebastian, who's saying, wait a minute, none of this stuff is going to

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