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This can happen to you Ashley's mother Susan says it's been a long road for her family and Joshua's family Is there closure Yes some one has been found guilty And he'll be in jail for the rest of his life But life goes on in our families And we're missing someone very important Jones was also given an additional 30 years for handgun charges Shana stew in WTO P news With two mass shootings in less than two weeks lawmakers nationwide are grappling once again with gun laws One local expert says there are solutions lawmakers in our area can consider now D.C. Maryland and Virginia all have extreme risk protection gun laws That can temporarily separate someone from their firearms during a time of crisis Doctor Cassandra krissy's team at Johns Hopkins center for gun violence solutions studies the issue When someone says I'm thinking about doing this terrible thing we have this tool also the buffalo when you've all these shooters were both 18 Krafse says the age requirement to buy certain firearms should go up to 21 This is something we need to seriously talk about Xi Jinping Barnett WTO P news One 24 a task force has been created in the district to address the problem of nightlife violence in the history corridor a vibrant nightlife is good for any city but ward one console member brianne Nadeau says you street has serious safety issues that persist Nadal has created the youth street task force to address the problem The group will include ANC members representatives from the police the attorney general's office and the alcoholic beverage regulatory agency Nadeau says better coordination and resources are needed to boost safety on you street Particularly on a WTO news Money news at 25 and 55 on WTO P at one 25 here's Tracy junkie This is Bloomberg money minute

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