John Zmirak: Pro-Choice Arguments Are Dead, Now We See the Demons


So last time you and I talked. We just found out about the overturning of roe V wade. And in the new America, that's in the wake of that. I shaved the beard that I had grown protests roe V wade. No, I saved it because it's a hundred. You put the beard in a coffin and is it on your desk? No, I nailed it all to Nancy Pelosi. Oh my God. So we do live in a different America. We have to realize it's also a little bit of scarier America. Just the way I've got a piece of stream dot org called the pro choice arguments are dead. Now we see the demons. John, John, hang on. I saw that you wrote that article. And before I'm glad you wrote it, because that was precisely what I have been thinking. It has never been clearer ever. If you want to really see what is going on, but you of course wrote an article about this, but I've been thinking about this incessantly how it's become so clear. So go ahead. It's that stream dot org. Yes, yes, thank you. If I said that, I spent most of Friday reading Samuel le those majority opinion. First, the summary, and then the whole thing. And then I tried to Robert's concurrence, but so bored, I wanted to pull my own head off and kick it down the field like a soccer ball. Then I read clarence Thomas's concurrence with this great. But what you learn from reading it is there are no arguments for abortion being protected in the constitution. What's more than never work? Roe V wade was garbage. Just total. Total

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