Woman Killed While Pushing Stroller With Baby


But why is it that every time these situations happen, they go and burn down a community and protest? But then in that same community, a black man can be murdered by another black man or a black woman can be murdered by, for instance, I think this is in New York, young lady pushing a stroller down the street, got into a confrontation with a baby daddy, and he smoked her. I believe in broad daylight. Where's the protest? Where's the crying and screaming and burning down the community over the death of the innocent young woman? Who was pushing her baby in a stroller? Oh, yeah, Elliot don't matter. Oh, I forgot. It wasn't police officers. And he wasn't a thug. And she wasn't a thug. But this kid supposedly got pulled over at 1230 a.m.. That's in the middle of the night. What justification do you have for fleeing police? What justification? I've been black my whole life and not one time have I ever imagined that it's totally normal to flee from police officers.

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