Charlie and Colonel Macgregor Dissect the Invasion of Ukraine


Early on, we tried to warn people that the west getting involved in the Russian Ukrainian war, Putin's invasion of rush of Ukraine would be a mistake. We condemned the invasion from a moral standpoint, but we said that this will only cost more lives that this could have been solved if zelensky would have allowed elections to occur in the eastern part of Ukraine and allowing those provinces, those territories would be part of Russia. But where are we today? $56 billion that we know of have been appropriated towards this. We don't even know where the money's been spent. And unfortunately, it seems as if Putin says he's only getting started with us to help unpack this as someone who has been a very clear and courageous voice. Since the very beginning of this conflict, it is colonel McGregor, colonel. Welcome back to the program. Thanks, Charlie. So colonel, let me ask this question, what is the current state of affairs on the ground in Ukraine because it's very murky if you just read western press. And then secondly, is it true that Putin is only getting started in Ukraine? Well, let's answer the first one first. He currently controls, I would argue all of the traditional Russian areas that are inhabited or populated with Russian speakers as you pointed out earlier. This is the area that if you held a plebiscite back in 2014 would have undoubtedly voted to join Russia or voted for some form of independence. So from Putin's standpoint, he's largely achieved his aims. The only two objectives that remain are kharkov up in the north, which is historically a Russian city and Odessa in the south, which is historically Russian. Now the reason I say he plans to ultimately take those two as the totality of his interest is that he is largely withdrawn, about 70 to 80% of Russian army combat forces. The forces on the ground that are effectively mopping up Ukrainian forces are for the most part Russian separatists from the two autonomous republics that had already tried to break away from Kyiv and were subsequently recognized this year by Moscow as independent. Chechen forces and frankly some mercenary

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