AJ Describes His Favorite High School High Jinks


When I was in high school, it was just a kid named Tommy colgan. Who one night we all we knew that the hottest girl in school suhan eno was dating the quarterback Scott marriage. And everybody loves to. We still love suit to this day. And she was at Scotty's house. And Agatha now and I and Marvin and the guys were like outside. You know, when people stay in the basement, this was a little windows that you could see down. So they're in the basement. And we're watching them get it on. They're like, he's feeling a rock. And they're like, we're 17 years old. He's feeling her up. He's fucking rubbing an air that kissing. She's putting her hands on him. And it's going to go down. We couldn't wait to see this. And Tommy colgan's knee hit the fucking window or something. Scottie and suit turn around and look at the window. And we had to fly out of the backyard so that months later we couldn't stand Tommy Cogan. He went to a party, one of our buddies, Mark fangirls, brother of the delicatessen, we got a pound of American cheese, and we crazy glued it. He took his father's Cadillac out for a party night. I got my father's catty guys. Wow, Tommy, great car. We crazy glued craft singles to decide of his car when he couldn't see it. So when he drove it, but when he parked at home, it was like 18 craft singles. Crazy. And then Chico at the same party. This is what you're inviting us to a party back then. We've been going to an open house. I don't know if they have the same or open houses where people just open their house, their parents write it down. Immediately go in and plug the refrigerator, put the fucking thermostat up to 98°. And Chico once took an axe and cut down someone's tree in the front of the house during the party.

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