DNC Chair Jaime Harrison on the Need for Leadership Change in Texas


Sorry, we just covered the story of Texas suing the Biden administration. So to allow women to die in abortions. I mean, the federal government is just trying to say to save the life of the mother. We have a duty. And so Texas suing to make sure that what women get to die in Texas. I don't know how else to say it. Listen, you know, I live in South Carolina, I grew up in South Carolina and I couldn't think that you could find a state where you had worse leadership than the leaders that we have in South Carolina and McMaster and Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, but then Texas does it bigger. Yeah. Abbott is a disaster. We all know about cancun Cruz and the walk in disaster that he is in corn and has no backbone. This is a state where the AG to the lieutenant government. Remember the lieutenant governor in this state was when COVID hit was, he was a guy who said, well, we should just sacrifice our seniors. We should just let them die so that we could save the economy. I mean, these people don't care about the people here in Texas. And they don't care about women and women's rights. And we've seen it time and time again, they don't care about voting rights in this state. And that's why it is so needed for a sea change in leadership here. And hopefully with beto at the top of the ticket, we could see that what I've heard my entire life, the sleeping giant, actually. I just heard someone say, and again, you know, his lips to God's ears, but that is sadly a game changer that they really feel like beto, it's beto's time. Liam on Twitter said, I'm sorry. It may sound harsh, but standing around in the hallway while children are shot in the next room is exactly what Republicans have been doing for 40

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